20 Best Items to Create a Great Jewelry Box for Women

We all know how hard it could be to try to get presents for everyone around Christmas time. Specially if you are concerned about climate change and if you are trying to make a change by flipping your life around a more sustainable lifestyle. In this article I'll share with you an really nice option to get the 20 Best items to create a great jewelry box for women.

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Aveda Bottle Recycled Glass Hoop Earrings

Aveda Bottle Recycled Glass Hoop Earrings

Glass hoops made from Aveda skincare bottles that have been cut and fired. French hooks in sterling silver complete the look. The diameter of the hoop is around 2 inches. Even the contents of the bottle are seen as part of the earring. The words are not visible from afar, but they may be seen up close. They would look perfect in a jewelry box for women

Every piece of Smart glass Jewelry comes neatly packaged with an artist card, a handcrafted and recycled tale, and a bottle key card.

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Afghani Ancient Roman Glass Heishi Beads

160 Ancient Roman Glass Cylinder Heishi Beads 4mm

What makes the perfect match for a woman jewelry box than these beads made from ancient Roman glass that have been re-purposed! Handcrafted in Afghanistan using salvaged ancient Roman glass that was originally used to create perfume bottles, water jugs, plates, and cups. These vessels' relics have been rescued and fashioned into little heishi beads by hand.

Many parts of these varied glass containers have been discovered in Afghanistan and the Middle East and recycled into beautiful glass beads along the silk road trade route from Rome to the east. The Afghani people are recognized for carving little stone and glass beads by hand, and each bead has a charming handmade irregularity.

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Recycled Silver Earrings

Recycled Silver Earrings, Geometric shape, Handmade, Minimal

When it comes to recycled items these earrings with sterling silver studs produced from recycled silver are amazing.
Hanging geometric shape on the ear, it's really basic and lovely. It would be a perfect match for a woman jewelry box.

The best is the fact that each pair is absolutely unique. These are custom-made so they would be a really original gift.

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Recycled Plastic Earth hoops

Recycled plastic earth hoops

The beautiful world shaped earrings are created from post-consumed recycled plastic.
They're really light and eye-catching! They're the ideal conversation starter for bringing up the topic of plastic pollution. Every purchase contributes to groups fighting plastic pollution as well.

Not only you will be giving away the perfect fit for a women jewelry box but also making a change in the world.

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Recycled Ocean Plastic Bangle

Recycled Ocean Plastic Bangle (Microplastic)

We are all aware that oceans and lands are covered in tiny pieces of plastic that sometimes we even breathe. Micro plastics recovered from Hawaii beaches are used in this handcrafted Epoxy resin bangle.

They are a really nice way to give someone a present and also clean the oceans a little bit. We all can do something for the planet.

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Ocean Plastic Stud Earrings

Ocean Plastic Stud Earrings

These beautiful earrings are handmade by a nonprofit organization with the purpose of empowering local communities to care for their coastlines.The organization accomplishes this through large-scale beach cleanups that have removed more than half a million pounds of waste from Hawaii's shores, as well as educational initiatives in schools throughout the islands. It would look perfect in a jewelry box for women.

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Bombay Shapire Gin Recycled Earrings

Stud earrings made with BLUE recycled BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin bottle glass

Isn't this the perfect gift for those gin and tonic cocktail lovers? They would also be a great match for a jewelry box for women.
These are one-of-a-kind stud earrings crafted entirely by hand using porcelain and Bombay sapphire gin bottle glass that has been burnt and melted in the kiln to create a crackly look.

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Tanqueray Gin Recycled earrings

Stud earrings made with TANQUERAY Green recycled gin bottle glass

Just as the ones we mentioned before, these are stud earrings made from recycled Tanqueray gin bottle.

They would fit perfectly in a jewelry box for women as well as a part of a gift. Don't miss the opportunity to recycle and give that special person an amazing gift.

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Tequila Patron Recycled Earrings

Stud earrings made with PATRON TEQUILA recycled bottle glass

If two well know recycled earring were not enough, here is the third recycled present that you can add to that jewelry box for women.

Recycled earrings made from recycled porcelain from the famous tequila patron bottles.

They are really beautiful and would complete any outfit.

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PINK MERMAID recycled stud earrings

Stud earrings made with PINK MERMAID recycled gin bottle glass

Following up with the recycled bottles series of earrings, these astonishing pink earrings have been made from recycling the bottles of Pink Mermaid gin.

You can match it with the other earrings from the series and add them all to a jewelry box for women.

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Recycled Fork Bracelet

Recycled Jewelry, Fork Bracelets

A recycled antique silver plated fork was used to make this one-of-a-kind silver fork bracelet. This bracelet is one-of-a-kind and is likely to spark a conversation. It'd be a fantastic gift or heirloom, also you can add it to a jewelry box for women.

Nontoxic materials were used to bend and clean this bracelet. A biodegradable silver polish was used to shine it up. MarchelloArt creates products that are both environmentally and socially conscious. This bracelet is one of those pieces of jewelry.

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Handmade Recycled Wooden Black Walnut Eco Earrings

Handmade recycled wooden black walnut eco earrings, hand painted with a geometric pattern in green and white

Handmade in the United Kingdom, have a look at these recycled wooden earrings. These earrings are constructed from scrap wood from a local furniture manufacturer.

Earring hooks are connected right after the wood is cut with a handsaw, sculpted and sanded by hand, and then hand painted. Because these are handcrafted from natural wood, each pair is one-of-a-kind.

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Colors Crayon Earrings

9 Colors Crayon Earrings

How about some present for those artist in the family? These recycled colored pen earrings were made entirely of old used crayons. All color variants of the crayons are 3,5 cm long, including gold-colored fisherman's hooks, and the earrings are 5,5 cm long.

A water-soluble clear lacquer protects all open wooden surfaces, making the earrings insensitive and enclosing the wood as well as paint mines. The hook is kept in the center by a little loop of gold-colored craft wire incorporated inside the hook.

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Recycled Skateboard Ring

Recycled Skateboards Wooden Ring

This is an incredible option for anyone who likes to ride a board. These rings are made from recycled wood from skateboards that have been damaged or broken.

They would fit the jewelry box for women and would also become the perfect gift.

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Exotic Newspaper Bracelet

Exotic Newspaper Bracelet

This environmentally friendly bracelet is built completely of recycled newspaper and cardboard. The recycled cardboard bangle base is hand molded and sanded to perfection.

Thin strips of glossy newspaper are then neatly attached to the robust foundation in brilliant colors of red, yellow, blue, and green. To make the bracelet water resistant, it is given a coat of eco-friendly sealer.

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Bracelet Made With Recycled Cans

Bracelet made with recycled cans with Gustav Klimt inspiration

This tiny artistic bracelet has been made from recycled cans. It was inspired by the well-known painter Gustav Klimt and it would look amazing in any jewelry box for women.

It is a great addition for any outfit and it will add some style and class to the person who is wearing it.

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Black Typewriter key Necklace

Black Typewriter key Necklace Initial Necklace you choose Initial

This could be a really nice gift for a really special person. One Typewriter key initial Pendant Necklace. You get to pick your initial. A black backdrop glass covered in a typewriter key with your choice of letter is used to create this one-of-a-kind Typewriter key pendant.

The typewriter key hangs from a 24 inch petite ball chain in a simple yet exquisite silver plated setting.

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Recycled Acoustic Guitar String Bracelet

Recycled Acoustic Guitar String Bracelet bronze colored

Who else is a music fan? Here is a bracelet made out of recycled acoustic guitar strings. This is a wonderful present idea for the music lover on your shopping list, whether he or she is male or female. These bracelets are made from six guitar strings. This bracelet is far more durable than those with attached ball ends. The bracelet's threads are copper-colored, most likely a bronze alloy.

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Sustainable fashion is the goal we need to achieve. It is better to buy fewer things but recycled than buying lots of cheap things that are going to pollute the Earth forever. What is the Jewelry that you are going to give your loved ones?

If your people is not as fan as jewelry as my friends, there are many different options that you could get them like these 10 Sustainable Dresses that Will Make You Look Shiny and Pretty this Season.

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