Best Kits to Make Halloween Makeup Simple and Easy!

Trick or treat? October is already here and we are ready to get spooky! Each year lots of kids stroll around your neighborhood street in search for candies. One of the most gorgeous things about Halloween are the costumes and make up the kids show up in! Parents sometimes struggle to get the perfect costume done but don't you worry: Below you can find some of the Best kits to make Halloween Makeup Simple and Easy.

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Halloween is about having lots of fun, there is no need to struggle or spend heaps of money around finding makeup for a costume. Also, there are lots of ideas that you can do at home if you get the right makeup kit. Most kids already have an idea of what they would like to dress up like these Halloween. You can take your kid's idea to the next level by matching that awesome look with the perfect Halloween easy and simple makeup.

Whether your kids would like to dress up as their favorite superhero, an animal or a monster, having the right makeup kit will help them achieve that fantastic scary cute look.

Here's a short review of the Best Makeup kits for Halloween. Below you can find a deeper and more complete one plus some make-up ideas too.

(All of the products are completely FDA Compliant. FDA stands for Food and Drugs Administration. In simpler words, all of the following products have been certified as safe. So, no need to worry whether the following products are healthy or not for your kids)

Our Top Pick: Halloween Make-up

Best Make-up Kit: The Blissful Factory Make-up Kit

This is a great kit for anyone who is not an experienced make up artist. The kit comes with 12 different makeup colors that can be used either on the face or body. It includes reusable stencils with animal forms that will make your kid super spooky. Buy on Amazon

Best Single packed Make-up: ColorMaster Face and Body Paint

ColorMaster face and body paint come packed individually by color. It is a great option for those who already know what they would like their make up to be like, so can only buy the colors needed. Buy on Amazon

Best Make-up Crayons: Milcraft Easy Face Paint Crayons

These face markers are simply great. If you do not feel comfortable around using a brush to put come paint on someone's face, then you can have a look at these ones. They work as regular crayons but are designed for the face and body. Buy on Amazon

Best Water Based Make-up: JinkeArt Water Based Make-up

Clearly perfect for anyone worrying about getting dirty. Water based make up is easy to clean off the skin and won't dye the clothes either. The kit comes with two different size brushes and fifteen different colors to choose from. Buy on Amazon

Best Professional Make-up: Artiprat Store Professional Face Paint Kit for Kids

Artiprat has gone an extra mile to achieve the perfect makeup palette. This is the artist choice regarding body and face painting. It is also safe for kids and it comes with 16 different colors to make your kid the best costume in the neighborhood. Buy on Amazon

The following is a deeper and more complete review of each product. Below you can find easy step by step make-up ideas for kids too.

Best Make-up Kit: The Blissful Factory Make-up Kit

Sustainable Warriors Score5 5

Buy on Amazon

What I Like

  • FDA approved
  • Glitter included
  • 12 different colors

What I Don't Like

  • Only basic colors

This makeup kit might look basic but sometimes less is more. The kit includes twelve different colors, two stencils to paint your kid with the shape they like the most, one wide brush and one thin brush for more detailed painting. Also, the kit comes with two sponges and, this is a good one, one silver glitter cup to give that make up a shinny look.

I've found it is a super complete kit that will fit anyone's needs. the fact that it actually comes with two sponges and two different size of brushes is great if you need to make a more detailed paint, as the skin is not normally a plain canvas.


If you are looking to achieve a great face and body makeup, give The Blissful Factory kit a chance. Of course if you are after a more professional painting, this might not be the best option for you, as it comes with only the basic colors. A really nice touch from the brand is that the kit also comes with an e-book that explains how to skin paint step by step.

To apply, you just need to water the brush until you get the desired consistency of the paint. Once applied it will dry on the skin. When you'd like to get it removed, just wash it out with warm water and soap or easier with some baby wipes.

Best Single packed Make-up: ColorMaster Face and Body Paint

Sustainable Warriors Score4 5

Buy on Amazon

What I Like

  • FDA Compliant
  • Vibrant colors
  • Different colors

What I Don't Like

  • Single Color packed

Sometimes the design or paint that we are trying to achieve is simple and bicolor. There are many designs that only include two different types of colors. Let's imagine a mime for instance, you only need black, white and maybe red, but that's it. For all those designs, there is no point on getting a twelve or more color palette, when you can get single colors like these ones.

ColorMaster single cake comes packed in 30g allowing you to make the most of each color. The size is great because you won't need to buy two of the same color as it will last lots. Procedure to apply is as easy as it can be, just water the brush you are going to use and swirl it in the paint cake. The colors will last for long and when you are ready to take it off, just use soap and water.


Go an extra mile with your kids (and why not yours) Halloween makeup this year. Pick up a nice design, choose the colors from the different types ColorMaster has to offer and just paint the skin! It is suitable for body painting as well as face painting.

It might not be the best option if your costume is super colorful because you might need to buy all the colors you need separately. But it is a good investment if you are regularly invited to costumes parties.

Best Make-up Crayons: Milcraft Easy Face Paint Crayons

Sustainable Warriors Score5 5

Buy on Amazon

What I Like

  • FDA approved
  • Easy to apply
  • well designed

What I Don't Like

  • Might come off easier than regular skin paint

When I came across these crayons online I couldn't believe it. They are just a great idea. Whether if you want them for your Halloween costume as a makeup kit or if you just want to keep them to play every now and then, they are a amazing.

These crayons are super easy to use, it is exactly as if you were drawing on the skin with a bold pen. So, if you were thinking that your brush painting skills were not the best, don't worry, you can still make a fabulous design for your kids' Halloween makeup.

The set comes in 12 different colors that include: Gold, Silver, Black, White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, Orange, and Red.


To apply, just take the cap off, twist the base, which will release the tip of the crayon, and start painting! It has been also especially designed to be used by kids by themselves. Also, it is stains and mess proof. When you are done with them, just twist it back and place the cap on, no brushes to wash. The paint will easily come off with water.

Another extra point on this product is the fact that it is sustainable and Toxin free. they are hypoallergenic and comply with FDA and EU standards. Also, these face paint sticks contain no animal by-products and have never been tested on animals.

It is a great product to have at home especially when we are so close to Halloween.

Best Water Based Make-up: JinkeArt Water Based Make-up

Sustainable Warriors Score4 5

Buy on Amazon

What I Like

  • FDA compliant
  • 15 Colors
  • Not expensive

What I Don't Like

  • Color might wash off fast

This is another Halloween make up kit worth trying. It comes with fifteen different colors and two different brushes. The first brush is supposed to be used to actually put the color on the skin. Simply need to add some water to the paint and it will stick to the brush, and ready to be used. The second brush is a liner one. It is made to add details to your painting and draw some lines as well.

Another thing that I've found interesting about this Halloween kit is the fact that you can mix colors between each other and they will make new ones. So if you are looking to achieve some shadows and highlights in colors, the try mixing them up. This paint can easily be removed from the skin with some warm water and soap.


Even though the kit is FDA compliant and hypoallergenic, with all cosmetic and especially if you are going to use it in kids, try it first. Kids would normally have a more sensitive skin than adults. So for easily testing if the paint would be an issue for your kid's skin, try a little bit first on their wrist. Leave the paint for a while to see if it produces any allergic reaction. Obviously, always double check with a health professional.

Best Professional Make-up: Artiprat Store Professional Face Paint Kit for Kids

Sustainable Warriors Score5 5

Buy on Amazon

What I Like

  • FDA compliant
  • 16 individually packed colors

What I Don't Like

  • No stencils included

Sixteen individually packed professional colors. This Halloween kit will make the costume the best. It is simply professional paint packed individually to be available for anyone. The colors are water activated, this means that you will need your brush to be watered before swirling it into the paint.

each color comes with its own lid, making it super easy to transport. No need to worry about putting the paint inside a bag to prevent it from staining things.


One of the highlights of getting the Artipantry skin paint is that, according to customers reviews, the customer service of the brand is amazing. As per the reviews, customer services goes far and beyond to get their customers achieve an amazing experience when purchasing their products. So, as this is not common these days I can give an extra star to this product.

Now that you have chosen your Halloween makeup kit. Here are some ideas of how you can use it on your kids' Halloween costume this year. There we go.

Clown Make Up

A clown is a classic Halloween costume that everyone loves. Here's how to master a great Clown's make up.

What You Will Need:

  • Water activated makeup (black, white, blue, red)
  • 2 brushes - one liner and one bold brush
  • Black eyeliner pencil (you can use black paint and a liner brush)
  • Makeup sponges

How to Do:

  1. Use a makeup sponge to apply white paint to just the eyes and around the mouth. Then spread it softly to the rest of the face just to get a paler look.
  2. With the help of a makeup brush (a liner one), draw a fine line around the eyes forming a circle around them (right above the brows).
  3. Now draw a vertical black line that goes from right below the middle of the eyebrows and continue under the eye.
  4. With blue color you can add a tear under a side of one of the eyes.
  5. grab the bold brush and pant the tip of the nose in red, adding then one spot of white as if it was a highlight.
  6. Paint the lips with red painting as well and draw a line around the mouth area, as if you were exaggerating a smile.

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Vampire Makeup

Vampire makeup is also a very popular costume on Halloween.

What You Will Need:

  • Water activated makeup (black, white and red)
  • Makeup sponges
  • Bold brush
  • Liner brush

How to Do:

  1. Use a makeup sponge to apply white paint to the whole face, the aim is to make a pale looking skin.
  2. Use another sponge to apply black paint around the eyes. The idea is to make the eyes look darker and bruised.
  3. With the bold brush paint the lips with red. Use a sponge to spread it down.
  4. Use the liner brush to draw some drops around the mouth as if it was some blood falling from the mouth.
  5. Complete the costume with some fake pointing teeth and a cloak.

Here were my ideas to make Halloween super easy and simple. Want to share some more ideas as well?

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