How to incorporate Slow Fashion Items into Your Daily Outfits

In very general terms, slow fashion opposes to what we call "fast fashion", the manufacturing of clothes items for every season on a large scale. On the contrary, slow fashion is both an awareness process and an approach to fashion that advocates for smaller collections, sustainable fabrics and materials, and durable items. Slow Fashion is actually growing more and more popular among the sustainable community. So, read on for some good ideas on how to incorporate slow fashion into your daily outfits!

In slow fashion, buying better-quality garments that will last longer is a motto, which encompasses perfectly wit a lesser impact on the environment. It's also important in the slow fashion movement to gain consciousness about a fairer and more ethical treatment to people and animals.

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How do I get started?

You are now thinking, probably, that all of these makes a lot of sense, right?... but sometimes the amount of terminology and alternatives can be a little bit overwhelming if you are just starting.

Don't you worry! We've got your back. What follows are some very practical tips to get you started into slow fashion with smart, very simple changes. We'll also be recommending some brands that have made their way into the slow fashion movement and bring you affordable and high-quality garments to look stunning. Are you ready?

What is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is a revolutionary movement in the fashion industry that promotes changes in the way fashion is sold and consumed. The underlying principles of sustainable fashion can be reduce to the simple idea of pushing the boundaries of traditional fashion manufacturing by showing the negative impacts that fast fashion has on the planet. Environmental justice as a form of a better world -more egalitarian for everyone- is what fuels this movement.

Sustainable fashion is not only about the processes or the materials but it is a holistic movement that is here to question the unethical practices towards human and animal rights that are -unfortunately- very common in today's world. From water pollution to animal cruelty and labor rights, sustainable fashion shakes the very foundations of the mainstream fashion industry.

In Sustainable Fashion 101: All You Need to Know & A Complete Guide you'll find the most interesting facts on how harmful and unsustainable mainstream fashion can be as well as practical ideas to get you on track!

So, in real terms sustainable fashion and slow fashion can go hand in hand and they do get along, as you'll se next:

1. Sustainable Clothing for Sun Protection

It's not big news that sunbathing today with no protection against UV rays can harm your skin very seriously. Being exposed to the sun is both inevitable and necessary: the body absorbs vitamin D through the sun, which is totally healthy. But please don't head to the sun unprotected ever! Besides sustainable sunscreens and a pair of good glasses, we strongly recommend you on checking some vey good clothing for sun protection.

The type of fabric is a key element to consider in terms of UV protection. And this is the point at which slow fashion makes its sustainable entrance. Fabrics like unbleached cotton or shiny polyesters and even light-weighted silks can act as natural skin protectors. The internal structure of the fabric reflects sunlight and they are very effective against UV rays.Technological breakthroughs among slow fashion brands have led to the design of hight tech and apparel items.

In Clothing for Sun Protection: How to be Trendy From UV Rays you'll find more information on this and a selection of clothing for sun protection that will keep you stylish and protected.

woman with red swimwear
Sustainable clothing for sun protection - Pexels

2. Ethical Sneakers

A regular sneaker company can sell at least 20 pairs of sneakers per second around the entire globe. Unfortunately, unwanted or not longer fitting sneakers made of plastic and harmful materials end up being tons and tons of non recyclable waste by the end of one year, which affects the planet in a very negative way.

Probably, sneakers are not items you would buy second hand, but there are many iconic brands that have turned to ethical manufacturing of sneaker by using natural or recycled materials - cotton, hemp, bamboo fibers , corn fibers and recycled rubber- that make sneakers more durable and do not harm the planet when they are no longer useful or necessary.

In our article Ethical Sneakers: Are They Better Than the Regular Ones? we've made a good selection of sustainable sneakers, which is another great way to turn to slow fashion. Feeling stylish and comfy is now possible with ethical sneakers.

person wearing white converse all stars sneakers
Ethical sneakers - Pexels

3. Vegan Leather Purses

Furs and animal leather products have always been presented to us like chic, elegant and forever-lasting, and thus extremely expensive. We know now that yes, it is true that animal leather jackets, bags or boots can last forever but not because this is natural for animal leather. Quite on the contrary, animal leather products will take a couple of generations to actually decompose because of the chemical processes that they undergo to stay shiny and durable.

Wearing animal leather is not only expensive and zero eco-friendly but also it implies unethical exploitation and treatment of animals, against which we stand up. No animals or people should suffer for humans that look for "good taste" in fashion.

But guess what? There are also many vegan leather options available that are equally durable and stylish and do not harm animals or the environment. Dive into slow fashion with our article: 8 Vegan Leather Purse That Prove Better Than Animal Ones

red haired girl wearing a black leather backpack
Vegan leather purses - Pexels

4. Crochet Winter Hats

Is it crochet fashionable? Indeed it is. There is not only a wide variety of lovely crochet winter hats available online but they represent a true slow fashion alternative.

Knitted hats can last forever when made of sustainable materials. The beanies and winter hats that you'll find in our article Get Ready for Winter With These Crochet Winter Hats are all manufactured with ethically and responsibly produced or recycled materials, like 100% alpaca yarn or recycled wool. Ribbed beanies? Cashmere toques? Ski hats? These brands here all present a variety of cool and fashionable crochet winter hats.

girl wearing a knitted hat under snow
Crochet winter hats - Unsplash

5. Organic Cotton Underwear

You are probably familiar with the fact that bleached cotton or synthetic underwear can harm your skin with rushes or allergies and besides they are not eco-friendly at all! Whether you are familiar with this ir not, you'll find all the answers and a great selection of organic cotton underwear items that you will want to have right away in Why is Organic Cotton Underwear the Best Choice for You?.

Going for organic cotton underwear is a really simple and smooth way into slow fashion. Why? Well, for an simple reason: organic cotton fabrics are better for the skin because they are breathable and prevent excessive moisture or sweat from provoking allergies or skin reactions. Remember that organic cotton is:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Versatile
  • Kind to the skin and natural flora
  • Organic and biodegradable
white underwear bra and pants
Organic cotton underwear - Pexels

6. Organic Cotton Pajamas

We all know that sleep time is fundamental for a healthy life. A good night deep sleep rests and repairs the body to keep the qi flowing. So, you can probably figure that the fabrics of your pajamas are going to contribute to a good night sleep or not, depending of the type of material they are made of.

Cotton is a natural, organic fiber free from bleaching chemicals which may hurt your skin. The texture is softer and nicer to the touch and besides, it's a sustainable material. So, organic cotton pajamas are the best sustainable and slow fashion alternative for bedroom wear. Organic fabrics will allow a better and enhanced relaxed overall sensation for a perfect sleep. In Organic Cotton Pajamas: The Best Sets for a Sweet Bedtime you'll find all the best options available online with short and honest reviews!

sleepy woman waking up in white pyjamas
Organic cotton pajamas - Pexels

7. Sustainable Dresses

By far, you might have gathered that the issue of slow fashion is nothing new and that it's indeed a very practical, convenient and healthier way of wearing in vogue yet eco-friendly items of clothing.

Having the right information and necessary guide to choose organics is a true blessing and if you have decided to undertake this path with us, we couldn't be happier. Being able to choose organic and sustainable fashion is an act of freedom and an enormous contribution to the healing of our planet.

In 10 Sustainable Dresses that Will Make You Look Shiny and Pretty this Season you will find 10 sustainable cotton dresses to look your best during warmer seasons. Remember that wearing cotton is healthier for your skin, so say goodbyes to those unbreathable polyester dresses. They ain't good for you or the planet! Check on these ones! You'll love them.

girl wearing a white cotton dress in a garden
Sustainable dresses

Alright then, to wrap this up let's recap: Slow fashion is just one eay of sustainable fashion, but they usually go together. Moreover, you have plenty of options from hats to pajamas available to shop online, even big brands are here, which is great!

If you liked our post, please share and comment and if you feel like you need more information to make your choice, don't miss our article Fast Fashion: Why Should Be The Start Of Fashion Change? See you next time!

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