Reusable Cotton Pads: The Six Best Picks For You and Where to Get Them

2021-05-13 8 min

If having a more sustainable lifestyle is important to you, there is no way you are not including reusable cotton pads in your routine. So here are the six best reusable cotton pads and where to get them.

Reusable cotton pads are cotton manufactured pads that you can use on your self-care routine daily instead of using single-use cotton pads. Basically, they work exactly the same with the difference that you can re-use them instead of throwing them on your garbage can. So think of it as a towel, you use it and then you wash it, and then you use it again. Same principle.

Reusable cotton pads are mostly made by cotton or other smooth fabrics and are made with the purpose of keeping your skin healthy and clean. They can come in different formats, little rounded circles, cloths, and even little towels. They all have the same purpose, wasting less cotton.

What are the benefits of using reusable cotton pads?

Well, reusable cotton pads have two major benefits. One of them is for you and the other one for the environment.

Save money using reusable cotton pads:

You might find that reusable cotton pads are more expensive than what you usually buy at the pharmacy, but think of it this way: reusable cotton pads will make you save more money in the long run.

Let's do some math. If you buy a pack of single-use cotton pads for (let's say) $5 and you get 8 of them a year you would be spending an average of $40 a year. But if instead, you get a pack of reusable cotton pads for 10 to 15 dollars you will be spending half! Keep in mind that reusable pads if taken proper care can last at least a year. So, it is beneficial to your pocket for sure.

Save the planet using reusable cotton pads:

So not only you'll be saving money that you can destine somewhere else but think of how many cotton pads are not ending up in a landfill.

Recent research showed that almost half of "makeup users" use single-use pads on a day-to-day basis to remove makeup and wash their faces. Even though single-use cotton pads have cotton in them, they are not entirely made out of pure cotton. Most single cotton pads are filled with microplastics and non-biodegradable fibers that make them almost indestructible. So every cotton ball or pad you use most likely will be around for a looooooong time in some landfill or in the ocean.

And even the organic cotton pads you can find in some stores are not the best for our environment. As you know, cotton is a natural fiber that can biodegrade on its own, the problem is cotton is a high water-wasting crop. For you to have cotton pads in your bathroom cabinet is connected to a chain of production that is environmentally demanding.

Most of the impact from cotton consumption is tracked to the countries where cotton is grown. In these countries, cotton crops take much of the fresh eater and pollute the soil, not to mention all the pesticides that are used in the fields. So cotton, even though is natural has a big water footprint. So using reusable cotton pads is a great option.

For you to learn more about water footprint here are two articles for you: Water Footprint: How Much Water Takes to Make Things and How to Reduce Water Footprint: Beginners Complete Manual.

If you are interested in learning how to lower your water footprint, here is an article for you:

Keep your face fresh with reusable cotton pads:

Maybe you think single-use cotton pads are better for your skin just because they give you the sensation of cleanness. But experts say reusable cotton pads are actually better for your skin. Since single-use cotton pads contain microplastics, they are not the best option. Also, cotton is not directly taken from the plant to the bag, there is a big process in between crop and store that uses chemicals to make the cotton look perfect.

According to beauty experts using reusable cotton pads is better for your skin. The fibers used are more gentle and they ensure a more deep cleanse. And if you wash them properly you can get rid of irritation and prevent infections of any kind.

When and for what can you use reusable cotton pads?

Every time you want to remove nail polish, wash your face, apply some essence, serums and oils, and even if you want to have a nice gentle scrub you can do all this with a reusable face cotton pad.

Don't be scared of using them in every step of your self-care routine. The only trick is to keep them clean, maybe once a week sundry them so you can keep the humidity away.

Now that you know that reusable cotton pads are worth it, let's see what options we have to choose from.

Best Six Reusable Cotton Pads in the Market:

You´ll find that there are a lot of options for you to pick from. And even though most are made with the same materials, not all of them are for every skin type. So here I have rounded six of the best reusable cotton pads that you can find.

1. Greenzla

  • Eco-friendly
  • Zero Waste
  • Sustainable practices
  • Organic
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Washing machine friendly
Cotton pads reusable

About Greenzla

The entire purpose of Greenzla revolves around developing eco-friendly sustainable products. They focus on manufacturing products from sustainable materials to help you transition to a zero-waste lifestyle. Greenzla has built an active community of like-minded people that work towards building a more environmentally friendly world.

Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads are amazing, this product is made with 100% organic cotton, and is friendly to every skin type.

In this pack, you'll find 20 reusable makeup remover pads, storage containers, and an organic cotton laundry bag for you to throw your pads on the washing machine. You'll have everything you need for a home beauty regime that’s not only ecologically friendly but completely zero waste. Being eco-friendly can't get any easier, right?

Buy Greenzla

2. Chloven

  • Eco friendly
  • Includes three different types
  • Zero Waste
  • Organic
  • Washing machine friendly

About Chloven

Chloven is a makeup specialized company that manufactures reusable cotton pads with a twist.I the 30 Pack, you'll find three different types of pads. The set of thirty comes with 10 soft cotton Bambu pads, 10 Terry scrub, and 10 charcoal makeup remover pads for deeper cleaning.

These pads are made from 100% organic cotton and sustainable materials that will fit perfectly in your daily self-care routine. Whether you want a soft cleanse for a daily routine or a strong scrub for the day after a party, Chloven got you covered.

Buy Chloven.

3. Beauty by Earth

  • Eco-friendly
  • Zero Waste
  • Super soft
  • Organic
  • Washing machine friendly
  • Ecofriendly

About Beauty by Earth

Beauty by Earth is an American company that focuses mainly on the safety of the ingredients with which they manufacture their products. Their mission is to create effective products with clean ingredients for the environment and for your body.

This set includes 14 eco-friendly, reusable rounds and 1 cotton, drawstring laundry bag. The pads are rounded for a perfect fit for your face and are easy to maintain. Every two weeks drop them in the washing machine and they'll be good as new. The pads will lightly exfoliate while working away dirt and excess oils. Made with 100% organic materials you'll make sure your skin will be taken care of.

Buy Beauty by Earth

4. Lihuem

  • Eco-friendly
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Zero Waste
  • Washing machine friendly

About Lihuem

Lihuem products are sustainable from packaging to product. Committed to manufacturing eco-friendly and responsible products with high-quality Lihuem cotton pads are a great choice.

These pads are 70% organic bamboo and 30% organic cotton make these pads soft and friendly to every skin type. Their triple-layer composition makes them durable and effective when cleaning and removing makeup, oils, and any kind of chemicals from your skin.

The pack comes with 16 reusable cotton pads, a cotton laundry bag, and a stylish bamboo canister for storage.

Buy Lihuem

5.Crafts and the City

  • Eco-friendly
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Zero Waste
  • Washing machine friendly
  • Includes three different types
About Crafts and the City

The team in Crafts and the City work tirelessly to deliver exceptional products that are not only eco-friendly but are also affordable. Their products are practical and made with high-quality materials. Every single one of the products goes through an intense selection and testing process to ensure high quality.

The pack includes 20 pads and a cotton washing machine bag. Ten of the pads are charcoal to ensure a deep cleanse and scrub and Charcoal Zero Waste face pads are resistant to staining after washed. The other ten pads are Bamboo Velvet pads that will softly clean your skin. Don t be afraid to wash them every time these pads won't shrink or lose their shape!

Buy Crafts and the City

6. Last Object

  • Eco-friendly
  • Reusable
  • Washing Machine friendly
  • Compostable
  • Natural
Last Round
About Last Object

Is a woman-owned company that has for mission to eliminate single-use items by creating reusable sustainable alternatives.

LastRound is the perfect alternative to single-use cotton pads. Made with 100% natural materials and recyclable packaging, these reusable cotton pads make a perfect choice.

The pack includes 7 organic cotton pads made of 70% Scandinavian wood fibers, and 30% cotton fibers that are too short for the textile industry to use (In your face fast fashion!). It also includes a case made entirely from Bio-Based Plastic, which means you are helping cleaning the oceans with this buy!

Buy Last Object

Switching to reusable cotton pads can be the first step to build your own sustainable routine. For more tips and recommendations on your path to sustainability check out this post on Zero Waste Sustainable Beauty Routines.

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