Vegan Deodorant: 4 Brands to Keep you Smelling Good

Put your hands in the air! These are the four favorite vegan deodorant brands to keep you smelling good. Empower yourself with cruelty-free hygiene.

I Smell Good, I Knew That I Would

Veganize our life could be hard work. There are not so many marketable options, and not all of them work for us. At first, we have to do a lot of research to find the vegan alternative to all of the products we use, they are not always within our scope or easy sight. Sharing information, brands, and tips is crucial for the vegan community to find consistent products. Once the shift is done around food comes the hygiene and cloth shift.

First, I will present each one with a short description. Today I brought four vegan deodorants I like. Then, it comes to the turn to get to know them deeper. So, stay tuned if you don´t want to smell like medieval people.

Our Top Pick: Vegan Deodorant

The Best Price - Tom´s of Maine

Affordable and nice smelling, Tom´s of Maine offers this vegan deodorant. A brand that has evolved to a new Plastic-free version. Decide how you want to smell, like Fresh Lavender, Coconut Lavender, Fresh Powder, or Fresh Sage. A good option to start the vegan deodorant shifting. Buy on Amazon ★★★★☆

The Best Packaging - Each & Every

The packaging topic is controversial yet, but in order to trust further development, I picked this brand as the best packaging. It is plant-based, which means it is made from sugarcane tubes, which makes it recyclable and a more eco-friendly production without increasing the carbon footprint. Buy on Amazon ★★★★☆

The Best For Women & Men - Native

Strong enough for women and men, workout proof... this natural deodorant is for those who never stop moving. Three pleasant scents are available: Coconut with vanilla, Lavender with Rose, Cucumber, and Mint. Buy on Amazon ★★★★☆

The Best Overall - Hello

Great price, 100 % recycled package, unisex. Hello, vegan deodorant; I want to smell for a never goodbye. Buy on Amazon ★★★★★

Now you are ready to know even more about each one of these cruelty-free vegan deodorant. It is important for you to inform us about why these deodorants are a great alternative to traditional ones. We have to remember that the more we ask for ecological and cruelty-free products, the better will be the enterprise offers. Ok, let´s go in a one-by-one diving session.

The Best Price - Natural Strength - Tom´s of Maine

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What I Like

  • 100% Plastic Free Packaging
  • Cruelty Free
  • Cheap

What I Don't Like

  • Not all this brand products are plastic free

Go with it!

If this is your first purchase, this is a good option. Is cheap and has great quality. The only thing I don´t like is that not all these brand products are plastic-free. I know they have good intentions, but we do nothing with only good intentions. I´m talking about toothpaste, for example. But let´s give them a chance because they are cruelty-free, with no aluminum and artificial fragrances. It can be recycled, but it´s on us to ensure the correct final disposal of it.

Remember to check out municipal solid waste management or recycling facilities in your council.

Read our article: Composting Process of Solid Waste: Large Scale Process of Compost.


Why is that no-aluminum thing so important?

It is because all of the traditional marketable deodorants have aluminum particles. They are very common in cosmetic and pharmaceutical products to prevent sweating. How? by blocking sweat ducts.

Ok, but that´s exactly what we all want when we buy an antiperspirant. Yes, it is. But is not such a healthy way to achieve that odorless goal; besides that, the aluminum extracting process is really harmful to the environment. There is a lot of energy involved in its extrusion process, and it has a really sad impact on a lot of animals' habitats.

The good thing is that aluminum can be recycled time after time, forever and ever.

Choosing vegan deodorants is better because we will be taking care of ourselves and our hygiene without stealing animal houses or harming the environment while we are softer in our self-care.

Tom´s of Maine vegan deodorant is a good first step in our vegan hygiene research. I hope you like it!

The Best Packaging - Natural Deodorant- Each & Every

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What I Like

  • Plant-based Packaging & Presentation
  • Price
  • Variety of smells

What I Don't Like

  • Plant- based it doesn't´t mean biodegradable or compostable

For Each & Everybody

The deodorants picked here are cruelty-free, aluminum-free, and made of natural ingredients. So I will focus on what does distinguish each other. In this case, I like very much de packaging and presentation. It seems very fancy and similar to the marketable ones, so I think it is an excellent strategy to encourage people to pick vegan options rather than the others. Also, the Coconut smell is my favorite.

EWG Certified. This means they have no chemicals in their composition. Buying EWG Certified products is stress-free.


Plant-based means it is compostable?

I hope it would but no. That is something important to be aware of. Because plant-based, it doesn't mean it is biodegradable or compostable as it seems. It only means that the package accomplishes the same appearance and function as plastic ones but it is made of organic matter. In this case, they are made of sugarcane tubs. These plants are renewable, and they don´t release so much CO2 in production. In that sense, we raise our "ok" finger up.

Plus: This brand has a Worry-Free Program which provides a gift for those who gather 5 Each&Every containers and send them back to their facility (by free shipping).

The best is that it has a looooot of varieties; here are some:

- Cedar & Vanilla

- Cardamom & Ginger

- Citrus & Vetiver

- Coconut & Lime

-Geranium & Snow Mushroom

+ and More

The Best For Women & Men - Natural Deodorant- Native

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What I Like

  • Scents
  • Clinically Proven

What I Don't Like

  • Package

To conserve your native perfume.

Have you ever wondered which is your scent? We all have a personal and unique perfume, but it is almost imperceptible at first smell. Scientists say that although it is very soft, we feel attracted to some smells more than others.


What I like about these vegan natural deodorants is that they are very natural, with organic ingredients. They are not harmful to our health or the ozone layer, and at least to me, they don´t cause me to cough.

Each body is particular, so our reactions to natural deodorants can differ. Is important you search for which one is for you and makes you feel clean and good. It can take some time to find your vegan deodorant, but it is worth it when it comes to the health we are talking about. So, be patient, and remember to read about the product you are purchasing. What can work with some people may not work with you, and vice versa.

Another thing to consider is that there is a process of adaptation. The body is used to traditional products, and when we change into the vegan deodorant world, it can initially be a little confusing. It is important to keep an eye on how our bodies respond to every product we use.

The Best Overall - Natural Deodorant- Hello

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What I Like

  • 100% recycled package
  • Stain free
  • Good price

What I Don't Like

  • Nothing to say

Hello from the other side

Start using vegan deodorant is a vindication of another way of buying, consciously. The side where we are picky and meticulous and where we hold up a more empathetic version of the world.

This one is a great option for the beginning too. It is affordable and has a few but nice scents.


Taking up what we said before, sweating is a natural process that helps us to expel toxins from our body and to regulate temperature. What we don´t like is the odor that appears once we sweat.

Did you know why that happened? Because we have natural bacteria in our skin that break down the acid components in our sweat. I know it sounds disgusting, but although we think humans are clean, we are more than we can just see. Don't overthink it if you have tics.

To keep us hygienic and clean, we can use vegan natural deodorant to smell good while being consistent with our principles.

Hey, but why is baking soda harmful?

Well, because every strange chemical we add to our body alters the natural body environment and can turn our skin more vulnerable to infections or breakouts.

The Nos and Yes

Everything is perfect in our bodies. Once we learn to live according to it, respecting its harmony (which is respecting nature), we'll feel much better about ourselves and other people.

The NOs that the vegan deodorant has are actually YES! to our lifestyle. No aluminum, no cruelty, no baking soda, and No artificial fragrances. All these NOs mean a Yes to more natural consumption. The most information we have related to how things we consume are made of, the more empowered we´ll be to decide. It is worth it, it is because of our self-care, nature´s love, and our future construction!

I hope you find the vegan deodorant you are looking for! Don´t be a smelly cat!

Share with us which one worked out for you and how your experience was!

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