Can Cats Eat Chocolate? Best Organic Cat Food Alternatives

There is no lie in saying that all of us cat owners like to give our furry friends some sweet treat from time to time. It's not very common, but cats sometimes get a taste to sweet stuff once they tasted it. Especially, chocolate. But... Can cats eat chocolate? No, they can't. It's better to stick their diets to food ready-made for them. Read on for the best organic cat food alternatives for you to buy online and keep your cat healthy and happy!

We just said it and we say it again: NO, cats should not eat chocolate. Cats are not like dogs and it's likely that they are not even attracted to chocolate but they can become huge fans of anything that is milk-based, which can put their health at risk.

Why is chocolate bad for cats?

Cats and chocolate shouldn't mix because chocolate and cocoa contain an ingredient that is perfectly metabolized by humans but not by cats and dogs. Eventually, the accumulation of this non metabolized ingredient can build up to amounts that are toxic for any feline. This leads to serious health problems and eventually liver failure.

The amount that it takes to make your cat ill depends on many aspects since every animal's metabolism is different. But basically, you should try to keep chocolate away from your pets. If you are used to giving your pets chocolate, check on the following selection of organic cat food products that work perfectly!

Our Top Pick for Organic Cat Food

Wellness - Chicken and Turkey Paté


This is such a tasty and healthy alternative brought to you by Wellness and you should definitely buy some to your cats.

  • High quality ingredients: made of lean meats, healthy fats, fruits and veggies with no wheat, corn or soy, and with no artificial flavors, colors, carrageenan or preservatives.
  • Extra hydration for cats: Hydration is key to you cat's urinary tract health. Mostly, cats do not have a strong thirst drive, so this is a nice option to keep levels of moisture in a natural manner.

Created by nutritionists, veterinarians and animal lovers, this tasty organic cat food provides nutrition and a natural state of wellbeing to your feline. Buy on Amazon

Open Farm - Dry Cat Food


Your cat's gonna love the crunchy New Zealand lamb recipe of this organic cat food.

  • Humanely and sustainably sourced, this product is really made with actual cuts of pasture-raised meat without antibiotics and growth hormones.
  • Grain-free formula: delicious and super complete organic cat food that provides both indoor and outdoor cats complete protein for muscle growth. Ideal for felines at any life stage.

This is definitely food that your cats gonna like more than chocolate! Nourish your cat with every advantage nature has to offer. Buy on Amazon

Evanger's Organics - Dinner for Cats


The Evanger's organic cat food comes up with a formula made with high-protein, all-natural organic chicken as the first ingredient to contribute to healthy muscles.

  • Gluten-free and grain formula packed with antioxidants and nutrients to support a healthy immune system.
  • Enriched with taurine for a better heart and vision health in your feline.

This organic cat food is packed with wholesome, raw ingredients in their own natural juices. Give your felines the best treats with this delicious and healthy prime organic cat food! Buy on Amazon

Castor & Pollux Organix - Grain Free Organic Cat Food


A delicious and nutritious grain-free organic cat food whose #1 ingredient is organic, free-range chicken that your cat will adore!

  • Nutrient-packed superfood: the pate offers a tasty blend of organic flaxseed, organic coconut flour, organic dried egg, and organic cranberries
  • No added chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, nor artificial preservatives, which guarantees a wholesome nutrition.

The pate presentation is simply great and genius and cats just love it! Buy on Amazon

Purina Beyond - Organic Dry Cat Food


Feed your cat with a purposeful, responsibly sourced organic cat food! Purina Beyond Organic Chicken, Egg & Sweet Potato Recipe adult dry cat food is thoughtfully crafted from ingredients raised organically and naturally.

  • Organic free-range chicken as #1 ingredient. Made with chicken raised without antibiotics or growth hormones, this high-protein cat food gives your feline just what they need.
  • Natural cat food recipe enriched with extra vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It is also high in protein to support muscle growth n your pet!

Purina organic cat food provides your adult cat with a 100% complete and balanced nutrition. Beyond Organic is USDA certified organic so you don't have to worry about prohibited synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, hormones or preservatives that can possibly make your cat sick. Buy on Amazon

Castor & Pollux Organix - Chicken and Sweet Potato Organic Dry Cat Food


Take care of your felines with this also very nice and purposeful organic cat food!

  • Top quality organic pet food made with carefully selected top-notch organic ingredients to provide the most nutritious and tasty recipe for your cat’s health.
  • No chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives, added growth hormones or antibiotics in it.

Rest assure that your cat will love this because it tastes natural and delicious. Bare in mind that it might be a little drier than other options. Buy on Amazon

To sum up then there are many options available online to treat your cats as they deserve. Can they eat chocolate? We said no because it might be toxic to them but honestly any of these options is great to give your feline a treat from time to time. Or maybe you finally turn to organic cat food which is def better than regular dry kibbles.

Keep in mind that it is never a good idea to overfeed your pet with your own food, but you may wish to give them a small amount of appropriate foods from time to time. We drop here some extra tips that can really help: a small amount of tuna; cooked chicken or turkey (without no skin because the amount of fat) in small dices; berries or unseasoned rice are among our feline's favorites, too!

Carrots, green beans, bananas and catnip are excellent choices, as well. If you want to know more about organic food for pets, please don't miss Organic Dog Food: Healthy Options for Our Furry Friends

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