Cats will love them: 8 Eco-friendly Cat Scratchers

Cats are one of the most lovable pets in the world! Humans who have one of them in their houses can confirm it. Most of them love to cuddle and express love in multiple ways. Cats also love scratching! It is an instinctive behavior in their lives. Why they do it? The answer is to express their emotions. Cat feel emotions as well as humans do. Whenever they feel scary, stressed or excited they need to scratch object or surfaces. Continue reading: "Cats will Love them: 8 Eco-friendly Cat Scratchers" :)

Our Top Pick Cat Scratchers

Best Design: Modern wooden cat furniture scratching nail post natural wood- Oak


Incredible and modern cat scratcher. Cats love vertical scratchers so this is a perfect option for your own cats. This post is made of natural hardwood, better known as solid oak.

It is perfect for houses where design matters! Because it can fit with almost every decoration style. Cat scratching is an activity that cats need for their daily life. The post is super stable and supports cats of all ages. Cats love stretching out, climbing on and scratching their back against the natural sisal wrapping.

You won´t regret buying this spectacular scratcher!

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Best Size- Extra Large Cat Scratcher Bed, Slip Resistant


This is definitely another type of cat scratcher in comparison to the one above. It is circular and handmade! Materials are corrugated cardboard and regular cardboard.

The creator offers different finishing touches. You can choose between oak, dark walnut, beech, redwood, black or white marble and more. Cat scratching improves health of your little animal.

Wanna know more about it? Size is extra large! Small, medium or large cats fit perfectly inside this cat scratcher.

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Best original- Tall Cat wall scratching post


Originality is a word that perfectly describes this cat scratcher! It can be added to your wall without being an obstacle on the floor.

Wondering if it is made of sustainable materials? Of course! Cats love wood and jute thread. A good height is something that every cat loves! It provides them with the possibility of feeling unstoppable. Cats can sharpen their claws on the scratcher without getting hurt due to the height.

The cat scratcher can be installed vertically or horizontally.

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Best practical: Cat Scratcher (2 in 1)- FiestWraps


This 2 in 1 cat scratcher allows your cat to scratch and rest in the same place. We know that cats tend to scratch our furniture! My sister´s sofa is not the same since the day her cat arrived home. Cats love scratching so this functional scratcher can be a good solution.

Your furniture will be protected and your cat scratching can continue. It has a beautiful designed combining high-quality corrugated cardboard.

The multiple possibilities of positions available makes it more interesting! For the price of $23 you buy a big and a small scratcher.

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Best rustic: Handmade Cat Wall Scratching Post- HoomanCo

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Cats love vertical scratching posts! This is an ideal one for your cat. It is hand-made, everything that is made by an artisan has another value. Some of the materials used to elaborate it are wood and sisal. The material working as support is wood and it is available in three different colors: white, black and brown.

You can choose the one that best fits with your living room or bedroom :) Cat scratching is essential for our beloved pets! They release accumulated energy and sleep better after doing it.

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Best organic: Natural Sisal Cat Scratching- FelixKatnipPosts


Cats love this incredible cat scratcher. As the title explains, it is made of organic natural sisal. The sisal is a material that gives country vibes wherever you find it. Apart from the sisal, the cat scratcher is handmade with a special maple finish. The latter one acts as a support of the cat scratcher.

My cousin bought one for his cat scratching and he loves it. Size is perfect for small and big cats, they can climb it and feel like they are on top of the world!

Price may be a little expensive, but the truth is that good quality is priceless ;)

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Best minimalistic: Curved Wooden Kitty seat- Cosy and Dozy

cat scratcher

Cats love height, it is an instinctive behavior. That´s why you may see them climbing to the roof of the house, jumping from the window or sleeping on high surfaces. The explanation is the following: whenever they are on a high place they can spot any potential danger around them. That´s why this minimalist cat scratcher is the best one for your cat.

It contains a soft and cozy pillow that is available in different colors. Another advantage of this cat scratcher is temperature.

Hot rises and cats love not feeling cold while resting or sleeping.

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Best Fun: Lovely & Delicate Forest Snake Tease Cat Wand- Quality Control Goods


Cat scratching is fun, but what about toys for cats? This toy is known as tease cat wand with feathers. As we mentioned before cats love jumping and this toy is a great opportunity to play with them. You can lift the toy up and your cat will chase the feather and the snake until they catch it! Fun is assured :)

It is made of an elastic rubber rod which is strong and long-lasting. Every cat loves to explore! What you need to do is flipping the snake teaser stick and play with your cat.

It is easy to transport so you can take it wherever you want.

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I hope you find everything you wanted in this review! There are multiple options of cat scratching to choose for your cat and more.

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