Compost Tumbler vs Bin: Find Out the Pros and Cons

One of the main problems people usually have regarding composting is finding WHERE to compost. Composting reduces waste and helps the planet; you should be proud of yourself! But where to start? Compost tumbler or bin? Find out all the information needed to decide which one is the best. Read our pros and cons below and choose which one to buy online!

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Ok, Compost Tumbler vs. Bin, let's start!:

Woman using the compost bin
From Amazon

This compost bin is perfect for the outdoors. Its round shape allows an "efficient stirring of compost," and it has the perfect size for a family of 4. It is made of recycled sturdy material, ready to use. The front cover and the lockable lid are ideal for composting. It keeps pests out, and composting is easy to extract. I guarantee you hot compost!

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The Enviro World 82 Gallon is a G R E A T compost bin. When choosing where to compost, some main concerns are the bin's capacity, durability, and pest control. The capacity of this bin is 82 gallons, you can compost a lot of waste without adding another compost bin. Its material is sturdy, and its color helps the bin to blend with the garden colors. The lockable lid is perfect for keeping pests away, and it is easy to put food waste into the bin. Its close connection to the earth is the key to hot and fast compost. Worms can easily access the bin and accelerate the process. Customers say: "Have never produced compost this hot or quickly."

Man in his garden with the compost tumbler
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Best Durable Compost Tumbler:

Tumblers are the answer if you ask for fast and good-quality compost. This tumbler for outdoors is made of iron, a sturdy and durable material. It also contains holes to allow the entrance of oxygen into compost which accelerates the process. The rotation of compost equals a good balance of greens and browns.

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Compost tumblers accelerate the composting process since compost can be constantly turned. This tumbler also has big holes to increase the amount of oxygen in the compost. Wheels are a bonus! The tumbler is easy to move through your garden. Although it is not connected directly to the earth, its size and material provide a great environment for compost. This tumbler is ideal if you want to place it on concrete or a patio; there is no need to place it on the ground. It may take time to assemble, but the fresh compost you will obtain is worth the pain!

Enviro World Compost Bin vs. Goplus Compost Tumbler

Some of the advantages of the compost bin are its capacity in comparison to the compost tumbler and the easy assembling. Also, the compost bin is cheaper than the compost tumbler. However, the compost tumbler is completely sealed, so pests cannot access the compost. The material of the compost tumbler is stronger than the plastic of the compost bin. Both options are good, the decision depends on your location, amount of people living in the house, and money.

Below you will find options for compost bins to purchase:

backyard composter
Enviro World 82- Compost Bin
compost tumbler graphic
Compost tumbler

Gardener Compost Bin
Gardener Compost Bin - 95 gallons

This compost tower bin is ideal for people with large gardens. Its design allows easy input of waste into the bin and an easy collection of compost from the bottom by raising a lid. The best thing is that putting it together only takes around five minutes. If you are a family, you should consider this compost bin as a greeeat option. Worried about pests? The doors of the bin have holes for a padlock, so it is impossible to find rats inside your compost. The compost bin´s material is a plus: premium recycled plastic.

Compost bin
Leisure Garden Compost bin- Wood

As opposed to the other compost bins reviewed in this section, this one is open. Customers consider it a huuuge advantage since you don´t need to wait for the complete bin to cure. Its material is different from plastic, is made of cedar wood, so it fits perfectly attractive on the garden. The key to this bin is that it is placed on the ground so worms can easily access compost, accelerating the process. Worms are your best friends! You can also extract compost from the bin by the bottom, and you have constant fresh compost. Assembling the compost bin takes around an hour.

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Green compost bin
ECOgardener Compost Bin

There is a word that distinguishes this compost bin, and it is STURDY. The ECOgardener compost bin is made of green and sturdy plastic. It is different from the other ones since its color perfectly matches the greens of your garden. By having more air ventilators, more oxygen can access the compost bin. Its design is perfect; the door on the bottom allows an easy collection of compost when it is ready. The thin but sturdy walls of the bin are the key to easy mobility in your garden, and you can place it directly on the ground. Choose this bin if you live with more people and like to compost!

Enviro World 82 Gallon Compost Bin

Click on the video to discover how to set up your Enviro World compost bin :)

Goplus Compost Tumbler Outdoor Garden Waste Bin Grass Food Trash Fertilizer Barrel Black (45-Gallon with Wheels)

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Below the picture, you will find the top 3 tumbler options to purchase at Amazon!

Tumbler in the garden
Miracle Tumbler bin

"I love that if I want to move this, I can," Barbara said. That's what´s impressive about this tumbler. Its metal legs allow mobility of the tumbler along the backyard or the garden. It also can be placed either on the ground or in concrete. Tumbler´s assembling is super easy. Apart from its great materials, the tumbler has got three tools for composting: a hand fork, a hand cultivator, and a hand trowel! Consider that when deciding! Compost is incredibly faster in a tumbler since you can turn your compost WHENEVER you want. Turning improves the quality of your compost and speeds up the process.

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Tumbler on concrete
Outdoor Rolling Compost Tumbler

The design of this tumbler is considered to be one of the most practical ones. Due to its capacity, is ideal for one or two people living in the same house. The ergonomic design makes transporting compost from the tumbler to the soil an easy job. One of the best features of this tumbler is the removable and large door! You can easily put greens and browns into the tumbler without making a big mess, and you can also be comfortable doing so. Its small but ergonomic handhold is key to turning compost; anyone can do that job. Since the tumbler is smaller than the others, composting takes less time. Remember to put it under a partial shade and keep a good moisture level :)

Tumbler composter
RSI Tumbler Composter

This tumbler is one of the most incredible inventions in the world. With two separate compartments, you can let compost to complete the process, and on the other one, you can add fresh greens and browns. That division lets you keep a good amount of compost monthly while reducing your home waste. Tumblers' goal is to produce as much compost as you can. The material is plastic with UV filters, sturdy, and has more than 3 years of approximate durability. Turning compost can be easily made due to the good quality of its materials. It is not placed on the ground, so pests are far from accessing your compost. A piece of advice: you need two people to assemble this tumbler! The more, the merrier.

enviro world 82 gallon compost bin
enviro world 82 gallon compost bin
  • Compost tumbler vs. worm bin

Wondering which one is better? The truth is that both of them involve different processes. The compost tumbler requires microbial activity to decompose greens and browns. Those microbes result from hot temperature, good moisture, and the perfect greens-to-browns balance. They decompose organic materials and grow inside the tumbler. Turning accelerates that activity. However, in the worm bin, there are worms and microbes involved. Worm bins are ideal for people who live in apartments and don´t have a garden.

  • Compost tumbler vs. bin

There are many things to consider before choosing a compost tumbler or a compost bin. Take into account the following things:

  1. Usage that you will give to the composter
  2. How many people do you live with------ know the amount of waste
  3. Have you got a garden, or do you live in an apartment?
  4. Do you want to be able to turn your compost easily? Then choose a tumbler bin
  5. The budget that you have at the moment
  • Where can you find more information about this topic?

On our blog, you will find plenty of articles regarding compost that will help you to decide whether to choose a compost tumbler vs. a bin. Composting is a beautiful process that brings people not only gratification but natural benefits for your soil. Plants nourish themselves with compost, which functions as a natural fertilizer.

Compost tumbler
Goplus Compost Tumbler Outdoor

Enviro World 82 Gallon Compost Bin

This compost bin is ideal for placing it in your garden or on your backyard. Materials are ecological and super practical. Also, it is big enough to compost the waste of a family, and you can easily extract your compost. You won´t regret buying it!

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Goplus Compost Tumbler Outdoor Garden Waste Bin Grass Food Trash Fertilizer Barrel Black (45-Gallon with Wheels)

The Goplus tumbler will become your best friend. Easy to assemble, black so that it blends with the garden, sturdy enough to support a lot of compost. Turning will become a fun activity from now on!

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Whether you choose a compost tumbler or a compost bin, the BEST thing is that you want to start composting. Both products will help you to obtain golden fertilizer that will highly improve your soil. Take into account all the tips given and choose the one that fits you!

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