Eco-Friendly Bath: What is it and How to Create One

Sustainable houses, how beautiful would it be to be able to commit in order to live in a fully sustainable house. There are many different ways in which you can turn your house around and make it a little bit more eco-friendly. In this case, we are going to talk about Eco-Friendly Bath: What is it and How to create one at your own place.

Bathrooms are some of the smaller spaces of each house where we like to spend a couple of hours a day. Either for cleaning ourselves, nourishing ourselves, or just relieving our bodies from numbers one and two. The fact is that we spend more time in the bathroom than we think.

Moreover, we waste lots of energy and products when going to the toilet, fixing our hair, and having a bath. Have you ever thought about how our bathroom usage affects the environment? If not, then it is time to embrace the sustainable warrior in you and start making changes!


If you are about to start some renovations at your place, it is a good time to choose sustainability overall. But there is no need to go under big renovations to create a more Eco-friendly Bath time. There are also small changes to everyday routine or items that you can make to create a better place while checking on the planet. Switching to an eco-friendly bath time will also help you save some money, believe it or not.

Let's say, for example, that you are about to jump into a renovation plan for your house. Then a good way to start making a sustainable house is by looking at the materials you are going to use to build your own.

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  • Mind the Materials

As we all already know, spending time in our bathtubs is a relieving and spiritual time for both our minds and our bodies. This is why if we would like to keep it longer, we need to focus on choosing the right materials. It wouldn't be amazing if we are conscious that we are lying in a bath that is not good for the planet, right?

There are different materials that you can choose to create an Eco-friendly Bath. Natural Stone is one of them and the builders' favorite too. There are few things that scream luxury and relaxation louder than a nice natural stone-made bathtub. They are also easy to clean and with the correct care, a natural stone bath will last forever.

Another option that you should be considering would be steel. Steel has become more and more popular throughout the days, not only because of its durability but also because it makes a great choice for the bathroom. As you might imagine, steel is able to keep the heat in for longer than acrylic. So, you might be spending a little extra on a steel bath but you will be saving hot water and energy later.

A completely different option could be choosing fully recycled materials. Any of them might be actually way cheaper than stone or steel. In this case, you would be reducing your carbon footprint heaps, as it is always a great option to choose recycled items.

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By materials, we also mean sustainable sourced towels, washers and pads. Yes, everything that you keep on your bathroom should at least be eco-friendly. You can look out for sustainable sourced cotton made towels, or organic certified washers. For women, it is also recommended to use the period cup, which will allow you to reduce your waste heaps. Check this post: Best Menstrual Cup: Pick the Right Product for You!

  • Water-Saving

This is the ABC of sustainability. We need to focus on how much water we use and how much more we could be saving. There are many ways in which we might be wasting lots of water at home and we don't even know it. Needless to say that we all need to close the tap when brushing our teeth. Believe it or not, it is a tough thing to focus on.

How about toilet flushing? Are you aware of how much water is needed to flush a toilet? If you live in an old building it is possible that your toilet uses at least 3 gallons of water each time you flush it. Whether you live in a more modern one, there is a possibility that your toilet has a dual flush, which will make you save much more water for sure. Even if your toilet is old and you do not want to replace it, there are some attachments and arrangements like adding a dual flush mechanism and turning it into a more sustainable one.

Another interesting thing to do that will make you save some water with every flush is placing a plastic bottle inside the water tank. This will fill up some space and make you save a couple of gallons a year. Also, you can try to keep an eye on the taps, the drains, and the pipes. This is it because you can track if you have a water leak somewhere that might be making you waste lots of water without you even noticing it.

Then, one of the biggest decisions towards water saving is about choosing between the shower and the bathtub. We know baths are a relaxing me-time and we all love one very now and then. And this is the key here "every now and then". Although baths are great therapy and we all love them, they do use tons of water. So let's keep them for special occasions and get to have shorter showers instead. And if you'd like to go an extra mile here, you can reuse the water from your bathtub to water your plants.

  • Personal Care Products

Do you know what your shampoo or soap is made from? Do you understand the long words you read on the ingredients label? Neither do us! That could only possibly mean that nothing on that shampoo or soap is good for the environment. You can switch all your personal care products to more sustainable and organic ones. There are different kinds of options that you can buy online to help you in the process to have an Eco-friendly Bath.

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Another key point regarding personal care products is that you can actually do it yourself! There are many different recipes online that you can follow to create your own shampoo or soap bar. And if you do not want to spend some time making them yourself, there are different options you can get as well.

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Solid shampoo and conditioner are great for your hair, and you won't have to use plastic in order to get them. They are great because you can save on plastic packaging, eliminate the plastic bottles entirely and the bars are also more concentrated and therefore last longer. Like this, you can relax in your bathtub, thinking what more improvements can you make in order to turn your bathroom or house a little bit more sustainable than it already is.

A surprising improvement that you can make towards sustainability is switching to a responsibly sourced toilet paper brand. It might seem silly, but can you picture how much waste we create just by using toilet paper? Lots. Then why not try a more sustainable brand that will help you keep our planet clean?

pexels-meruyert-gonullu-7500305Also, why not switching to bamboo fiber made toothbrushes? They are a great option and they also look trendy. There are different kits that have been designed to take care of your mouth and teeth attention. Also, there are now new fluor-less toothpaste and some plastic-free flosses that actually work.

  • Cleaning Products

Cleaning our bathtubs can bring us more problems than it could actually solve. If you are used to cleaning your bathtub with chemicals bought at the supermarket, there are high chances that these products will remain on the tub and stick to your body when you are having your bath time.

Amazingly, there are natural replacements for all those chemical products. You can easily clean your bathtub with some homemade products, or get the organic and natural version of it. Reducing the number of chemical cleaning products is not only better for the environment, but it is also softer on your bank account too.

Some of the natural cleaning products are always found in every home. Any of them are Vinegar, Lemon Juice, and Bicarbonate of Soda, they will help you clean your house without leaving chemical residues. Just be mindful not to mix them all together. Let me give you 5 Tips and Tricks to Clean your Toilet in an Eco-friendly Way.

Then how do we start turning our bathroom into a more sustainable one? When it comes to Sustainable products and brands you should definitely start by checking the brand's website. They should have transparent information on the materials and ingredients they use in their products. Another thing to look out for is regarding the packaging - is it compostable or re-filling? is it plastic-free? Also, sustainable certifications are a good sign. Finally, if you ever have a question or doubts about a product, you can always contact them and simply ask them. Transparency is the key for sustainable brands to succeed.

Bath time shouldn't be the time for ruining the planet. It is time for us to be more aware about our actions and take responsibility for them. Yes, having a bath is relaxing and can bring some peace of mind and some joy. But on the other hand, using tons of water each day with every bath or flush it is not ok.

How about you? Are you ready to start flipping your house around and turn it into a more sustainable one? Because we are ready here.

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