How Many Mulch Bags do you Have to Consider in a Yard?

You've probably worked with or seen mulch. From a young age you are taught that mulch is essential for soil organic matter and that it serves as a fertilizer. Do you thinks that´s right? To be honest, nothing could be further from the truth, mulch is a type of organic fertilizer that offers exceptional characteristics to the soil on which it is poured that helps not only improve crop quality, but the soil structure and nutrients the plant receives. If you have ever used mulch or want to start using it, you can read "Mulch: learn about it & How to garden with Mulch!!". Here we are going to give you many options available on Amazon for mulch bags you can consider.

But, how many mulch bags do you have to consider in a yard? Don´t worry, you won´t need an ultra specialist for that, you can use this mulch online calculator. It will ask you for the shape of the area and the size.

Now you know how many mulch bags you have to consider in your yard, you are ready to gaze into the options available!

If you are just starting in the beauty of gardening, you can also read Flower Seeds: The Best Options for a Beautiful Garden.

Our Top Pick Mulch Bags For A Yard

Best Homogeneous Color - USA Pine Straw - Premium Pine Needle Mulch


If you are looking for an homogeneous aspect for your mulch, this pine straw is perfect for you. All natural beautiful colors. It covers up to 300 - 320 Sq Ft. and 2-3 inch depth. It is excellent for landscape beds and gardens. Will help you suppress weeds and add nutrients to the soil. It has light weight and it is really easy to install.

These are long pine needles from Georgia. Different from pine needles in southern NJ that are only about 6" long and flat. They are packed in a box all together, so, you have to pull them apart to separate them but you get a lot of coverage per box for the money. Not a big deal at all! Buy on Amazon

Most Easy to Install - Long Needle Pine Straw


This packed mulch is excellent for all planting beds and gardens. Will enhance the beauty of your landscape and at the same time it enriches the soil. It is very easy to install. Although the box is fairly heavy, one person can hold it. The straw is packed as cubes, each about 12 in.² and 6 inches high. Pulling the cubes apart and placing the straw in chunks will make the work easier to do.

The needles are very long and interlocking – it doesn't look like it's going to blow around much, if at all. I am guessing that once it gets wet it will mat down and fit more tightly to the ground. This is not a heavy mulch for suppressing weeds, it is more for providing plants with protection and moisture over the winter and moisturizing to some extent. It is, however, the easiest mulch I've ever seen. Buy on Amazon

Most Natural - 100% Natural Cedar Shavings


This 100% natural cedar is perfect for using with your outdoor and indoor plants; will hold moisture in! You can use it as an air freshener; it has a natural subtle cedar scent. What's great is that you can refill your cedar sachet bags to avoid wasting plastic packaging. It is made in USA.

Also great to put in animal bedding, in kitty litter because it absorbs smelly odors. Great for hanging planters and essential for home accessories. Will control weeds and hold moisture in the soil. This product has a great quantity-price ratio. Buy on Amazon

Best Quality - Pine Bark Mulch


These pine shavings for gardening projects are a high quality option of 8qt. They come in bag. Are a great plant growing medium, and for use in terrariums. Perfect for easy and clean pouring and use inside your home. Each batch of pine mulch is fan dried to help curb moisture, and bagged weekly for shipping to customers. 100% all natural pine bark mulch. Great for gardening, crafts, house plant ground cover, and more. Works great in a potted, acid-loving plant. Most plants prefer slightly acidic soil anyway, and this helps stabilize the pH as well as decrease evaporation. You just have to check how many mulch bags you need in a yard. Buy on Amazon

Best for Indoor - Houseplant Mulch


This bark mulch soil greatly reduces water evaporation and increases moisture retention so tropical houseplants require less watering. You will have to check how many mulch bags you need in a yard. Serves as insulated shady covering for potting soil stopping plant roots from overheating during the summer. Also helps insulate roots during winter months.

It adds visual consistency to your indoor potted plant garden with house plant mulch while also providing a natural mulch weed cover - chips are longer lasting than coconut coir or shavings. Creates a less than ideal habitat for cats, gnats and fungus.

Bark originates from sustainable pine forests in New Zealand. The mulch has a more natural look than moss and serves as a longer lasting alternative for plants. It is processed with high heat and aging to remove pathogens and allow beneficial microorganisms to flourish. Buy on Amazon

Best for Playgrounds - Playsafer Rubber Mulch Nuggets


This playsafer rubber mulch is IPEMA Certified and helps reduce the risk of injury on playgrounds and play areas. It will not decompose or compress so you will not need to reapply. Nuggets come packaged in multiple 40 LB bags so you can spread it evenly and easily. Just spread it once and enjoy a safer play area. You can how many mulch bags you need in a yard using the calculator I already share you.

What's more, playsafer rubber mulch nuggets are made from recycled tires and are 99.9% metal free. Also, nuggets are produced with the highest quality materials color is guaranteed to last for 12 years. Buy on Amazon

Best Packed - FibreDust CoCo Mulch


How many mulch bags you need in a yard?. 1 block of this mulch expands to ≈2 cubic feet of mulching medium after hydrating with 4 gallons of water. It is 100% Coconut husk and contains no additives. "Rust" like color adds a great aesthetic look to your outdoor landscape. No assembly is required.

Although it is non-toxic, this is not the same as Cocoa Nut (Chocolate) husk - this is Coconut Husk Mulch. Please make sure your pet does not eat unexpanded mulch since this can expand when water is added! Buy on Amazon

Most Safe for Pets - EZ STRAW MULCH


This straw is great for muddy winter yards and helps the mud to stay in the yard and off the dogs feet. The tack provides a valuable suction to the grass/mud so the straw doesn't fly away in the wind.

You just have to cut open the top of the bag and start pulling it out and it goes on forever and ever! I was stunned how far one bag went. It is chopped up really fine so prepare to sneeze a lot. But totally worth it vs buying a regular hay bale and lugging it around. To have an idea of how many mulch bags you need in a yard, two bags will probably be ok! Buy on Amazon

Best Organic Option - Grow Organiks Coconut Coir Husk Chips


Grow Organiks Coconut Husk chips are cut pieces of the husk of the coconut compressed into 11 lbs.Coconut husks are a sustainable alternative to other mulches. The Organic coco chips are best suitable for growing plants, and also perfect for reptile substrate.

Compressed coco husk bricks expand up to 2 cubic feet when added with 75L of water if you were asking yourself how many mulch bags you need in a yard. One 5kg block covers 12 sq. ft. at 2" depth; 8 sq. ft at 3" depth.Grow Organiks Coco husk chips have a life expectancy of 3-5 years while bark lasts for only 1-2 years.

Can be used as a potting soil for ornamental plants by itself or can be used in combination with other porous media, to create your own special orchid mix.Coconut husk chips retain water longer than most bark.They are a good bedding ground in a terrarium. Promotes faster plant growth,consistent quality and is cheaper than bark. It is also used for fuel purposes. Buy on Amazon

Most Premium - USA Pine Straw - Pine Needle Mulch - Premium Long Needle


How many mulch bags you need in a yard? This 14 " Premium Long Needle Pine Straw is excellent for planting beds and gardens. All natural, beautiful color. It enriches the soil and covers 3600 Sqft. (2 - 3 Inch Application). Probably, the highest quality pine straw on the market today.

It is A Most Excellent PraiseWorthy Company and Customer Service. A Highly recommended company and excellent pine straw. Can’t get better than this, especially at a price like this! Buy on Amazon

Now you have an idea of how many mulch bags you have to consider in a yard, you just have to choose which mulch bag is ideal for your yard. I promise you that gardening is a trip of no return, so if you are going into it you may probably enjoy reading 9 Easiest Vegetables to Grow, especially for Beginners. Also for natural and economical ideas for your yard you can read Eggshells in garden.

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