How to choose the best Rainwater Collector for you and its Benefits

Belen Molina 2021-08-08

Living in a sustainable home involves many things, from food recycling to water collectors. Water is one of the most precious natural resources that we, humans, have. Here you will learn how to choose the best Rainwater collector for you and its benefits In this article you can find: Water Footprint: How Much Water it Takes to Make Things.

Water collectors are great devices to store rainwater and use it for daily activities instead of wasting it. But how can you decide which one to buy? Take advantage of the water collectors reviews found in this article and choose the best rainwater collector for you!

Our Top Pick Water Collectors

Best Practical Water Collector: Portable Rain Barrel Water Collector - GoPlus

Go plus

This foldable rain barrel is the best practical water collector. It is easy to build and to transport. You just need to place it under a downspout and rain will fall inside the barrel. It contains a spigot to switch and a great filter. Buy on Amazon

Best Sustainable: Rain Barrel, DIY Kit - Mirainbarrel


Helping the environment and reducing erosion is guaranteed with this barrel.

-It is made of recycled plastic and it previously was an olive container.

-Very sturdy material that will store your water rain successfully. Buy on Amazon

Best Storage: ALG-86312 Athena 50 Gallon Rainwater Collector Pack- Algreen


This pack of rainwater collectors stores up to 50 gallon each, 100 gallon together. Buying this pack assures you enough amount of water to use when washing clothes or to water your garden.

Buy on Amazon

Best Design: IMP-N50-DBR Impressions Nantucket Rain Saver Rain Barrel- Good Ideas

best design

This is the perfect rainwater collector for your sustainable home.

-Not only stores rainwater but it also decorates your garden.

-Stylish wicker finish in dark brown plastic. Buy on Amazon

Best Quality: + Corp 50-Gallon Rain Barrel- Suncast

rain barrel

Easy setup and maintenance. This rainwater collector is made of high quality materials such as durable resin.

Ideal for gardens, it contains a leader hose and a shut-off valve. Buy on Amazon

Best Transportation: Horizontal with Legs Polyethylene Reservoir, 65 Gallon- RomoTech

new rain barrel

This incredible rainwater collector will go everywhere with you. It is easy and comfortable to transport. Either placed on the backseat of your van or in your garden, this water tank assures you good stored water. Buy on Amazon

Best Practical: Portable Rain Barrel Water Collector- Goplus

best practical
Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • Easy assembling
  • The storage capacity: 53 gallons
  • Flexible spigot: you can connect a hose to water your garden!

What I Don't Like

  • You need to place it on a stable surface
  • It may leak around the spigot
  • The material is sturdy once it has some water in it


This rain barrel is perfect for people who do not want to spend much time assembling. You just have to deal with the barrels and an anti-corrosion mesh cloth. Because of the storage capacity, I believe that it is a great water collector. The rainwater collection benefits are many: washing your clothes, using it to garden your plants, reducing your energy bill and so on. Surprise: the price of this collector is $49.99. From experience, this is a big deal: good price and good quality.

go plus

Among the GoPlus barrel´s benefits, we can find the adaptable spigot and the mesh top. The adaptable spigot allows the connection of a hose to have a good distribution and usage of water. Rain water is an extrordinary addition to your sustainable home. It is clear water, meaning that it has no chlorine or pollutants such as minerals. What about the mesh top? I believe that is a must in rain water collectors. Worried about flow? Keep calm because this collector has an overflow outlet. Then, you are ready to go!

Best Sustainable: Rain Barrel, DIY Kit- Mirainbarrel

Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • Recycled plastic barrel
  • The top is sealed with silicone
  • Good quality spigot: brass

What I Don't Like

  • The top hose connection drains water slowly
  • You may need to rinse it because it previously stored olives
  • A garden hose won´t be enough to be used as an overflow


If I think of sustainability, this water collector comes rapidly to my mind. What is better than having a recycled water collector? Well, maybe reducing water waste and soil damage! hahaha. This collector is recycled, the material is very very sturdy so it will last for many years. Rain water ends up carrying all the chemicals and pesticides found on the street into the rivers and lakes. Storing rain water in this incredible collector is a fantastic idea. The top opening of this barrel is another key feature! It is made of good quality plastic so it won´t rip.


Buying this barrel is buying safety. If something happens to your barrel you can request the available kit repairs. The price is $199, it may be a little expensive but keep in mind that other harvesting systems are more expensive as well as paying your monthly water bills. Rain water can be used as a secondary resource but never as a primary resource of your sustainable house. The availability of rain is unpredictable! Analysts say that with water collectors you may reduce 40% or 50% of your bill. But there are many things that you can do :)

Read this article to find more about helping the planet: Reduce, Reuse & Recycle: What does it Mean, How to put it in Motion

Best Storage: Algreen ALG-86312 Athena 50 Gallon Plastic Rain Water Collection Drum Barrel

Sustainable Warriors Score

Buy on Amazon

What I Like

  • The storage capacity: up to 50 gallons each!
  • Design: it perfectly blends with your garden
  • You can put decorative plants on the top and anyone would notice it

What I Don't Like

  • The hose attachment and the hose bib are far from each other
  • It isn´t friendly affordable


This pack of rain water collectors is ideal for people who live in places where rains are constant. You can use one barrel as a tank by using it for your daily activities and in the other one you can keep collecting water. The fact that they are dark brown makes everything even better. Either with fake flowers or small cactus you can enhance the beauty of your collector. The price of the pack is $459. Expensive? Definitely, but take into account all the good quality features that it has and the amount that it collects.

With a durable roto molded plastic, the barrel can be outside during winter low temperatures and it won´t suffer any damages. Rain water collectors reduce the demand of ground water. Although everyone thinks that water is a never ending resource, the truth is that population is increasing vastly and demand will surpass supply some day. The moment to start thinking and living a sustainable lifestyle is NOW. These two rain Algreen rainwater collectors are a large part of your change.

Best Design: IMP-N50-DBR Impressions Nantucket Rain Saver Rain Barrel- Good Ideas

fancy barrel
Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • The fancy and modern design
  • Double spigot locations
  • Easy setup

What I Don't Like

  • One of the spigots is too close to the ground
  • Low water pressure


This rainwater collector is one of the fanciest barrels you will ever see in your life. Who says that having a sustainable house isn´t stylish? Customers and I (of course) loooove this design. You can put rocks on the top or beautiful plants. The material of the spigots is brass, so there´s no chance that they break down as may happen with plastic ones. Water collector´s benefits include the growth and improvement of your plants. Since rainwater is clean and free from pollutants, your plants will grow stronger and healthier than eveeer.

The meshed screen blocks of the Good Idea´s water collector are amaaazing. They avoid the entrance of water within the collector. A must in every rainwater collector: a plastic fine mesh screen on the opening to stop insects. Experts assert that harvesting rainwater is the future in the world. A good thing is that by making small changes in our homes, water consumption can be widely reduced. I recommend this water collector of Good Idea for people who are recently making their first steps into the sustainable world. It is easy to assemble and results will blow your mind.

Best Quality: 50-Gallon Rain Barrel- Suncast Corp

Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • The collector includes a leader hose
  • A plus: shut off valve included for hose hook up
  • Perfect size: neither too big, nor too small

What I Don't Like

  • The colour isn´t attractive
  • High number: expensive


Best thing about this collector: Q U A L I T Y! It is made of long lasting resin construction. The size is ideal for small gardens or outdoors backyards. Another greeeeat attribute are the essential additions: leader hose and shut off valve. There´s nothing better than practicality when it comes to sustainability. With that leader hose, watering the garden and the plants becomes a dynamic activity. The shut off valve allows the collector to work properly and efficiently.

two barrels

Let´s talk about the price: $199. I know that it is expensive, but consider all the things that the water collector includes. Think it this way: when buying other water collectors the leader hose is usually not included, so in that case you would have to spend more money to cover that need. Double expense :(

With the 50 Gallon Rainwater by Suncast Corp double expense isn´t a problem! Speaking of gallons, 50 is a huge amount of quality water to use in different ways. I would definitely go for this option if quality + price + durability is a good equation in your mind :)

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Best Transportation: Horizontal with Legs Polyethylene Reservoir, 65 Gallon- RomoTech

Sustainable Warriors Score

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What I Like

  • Ideal for outdoors adventures
  • Extreme good quality materials
  • Practical handles to comfortably transport it wherever you go

What I Don't Like

  • The color is very flushy
  • Limited storage capacity


Are you looking for an incredible water collector to go out on adventures? Here is your best option! You can store the collector on your van or in your trunk and water won´t be ruined. That´s because the material is made with a plastic resistant to UV, avoiding the entrance of heat inside the tank. Durability is more than guaranteed, it is made with a high density material that will last forever. Handles are the best! When going on camping or to spend the day on a cottage water is A L W A Y S necessary.

The design of the tank is perfect for transportation as mentioned above, either empty or full you can place it whenever you want. Excellent spout to easily obtain your water. You can fill the tank with water from your house or the thing that I personally recommend is filling it with rainwater. The rainwater collection benefits are fantastic! Go for this tank if you are an adventurous person :)

Water deserves our attention. It is time to take advantage of all the sustainable resources that we have to help the planet. A great step is to buy a rainwater collector! Hope that you can make the best choice with our reviews.

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