Discover How a Garden Window Can Enhance your House and More

There are multiple ways to beautify your house: adding shelves with books, buying new furniture or transforming vintage one, adding plants like the monstera to your living room or herbs, changing your lamps or adding a garden window to your already incredible kitchen. I bet you did not know about this last option! Now everyone adds one garden window to their houses, it in super trendy. Either you have a small or big kitchen you can add one garden window. What are their benefits? Natural lighting, more ventilation, energy efficiency, beautiful sight view and more. Incredible garden gadgets: discover them! Discover how a garden window can enhance your house and more in this review.

Let´s uncover the incredible garden gadgets:

Garden Window- Janco Greenhouse

A garden window is all you need in your life: peace, beauty and nature. In this case the garden window is made of aluminum. The framing of aluminum is one of the best available in the market. Why? Due to their insulation and durability. One of the advantages of garden windows is the energy efficiency. This garden window is made of tempered safety glass, a glass that is very thick and keeps the cold outside the house. Most people chooses that type of glass for houses with long windows, you don´t run the risk of accidentally crash on it and get hurt by broken glasses.

Preventing heat loss is essential when making a transformation in your kitchen and the window of Janco Greenhouse is perfect for it. In winter your window will retain hot and prevent it loss, while during summer your house will be cooler. Another advantage: you will use less electric light in the kitchen because of the huge entrance of light inside your house. I have one of them in my house and waking up early in the morning to see the sun through my garden window is my favorite moment. Buy on Amazon.

white window
right side

In the image above you can see the measures of the window to see if it fits in your kitchen. Depending on the color of your walls you can choose between two options of garden window: bronze finish or white finish. The shape of the window is original, everyone will stare at it as soon as they entered into your house. Although the window is incredible, you need to hire a skilled contractor to place it correctly. Vinyl windows cannot compare to aluminum ones! Price is great: $750. As I always say, it is a huge inversion but with long lasting results.

Double Veg Ledge - Window Shelf for Plants- Window Garden Store

Another fantastic option to enhance your house and to bring nature into your life is this window shelf for plants. It is perfect to place it on your window garden: have a double view to green space by doing that! The shelf is made of clear acrylic so there is no space to accidents like it may happen with glass shelves. Worried about support? Don´t be! This window shelf for plants has two powerful double-ridged suction cups. It perfectly sticks to smooth surfaces like glass. Once you enter the kitchen or your room you will be amazed of seeing two plants floating on the window! Buy on Amazon.

You can have invisible shelves with plants on them. If you want more plants and you live inside an apartment, you will adore this article: Best Aerogarden Reviews: The New Sustainable Garden Trend. Aero gardens are super convenient if you want natural herbs and plants.


What about the uses? You can put plants on the shelf but also different things such as figurines, photo frames or toys. All of them will look great :) Transform a basic window into a garden window in just five minutes. You can totally do it on your own.

Let´s revise the steps to set the shelf on your window:

  1. Clean the window with an alcohol wipe
  2. Dry it with microfiber cloth
  3. Repeat those tasks with the suction cups
  4. Now it is time to see the result: press the shelf firmly on the window and now it is ready to shine!

A tip that the writer of Gardening Made Easy: How to start with your own Garden about benefits of nature is that having green things in your house relaxes your mind. Just by looking for 30 minutes to your garden, the stress can be reduced at great levels. Once your window shelf for plants is installed on your window garden your life will change. I personally love waking up in the morning and look at my lillies for minutes while having breakfast.

9 Herb Window Garden- Planter´s Choice Store

This indoor herb starter kit is ideal for beginners in the nature world. Have you got a window garden? Do you want to bring green into your house? Are you willing to take care of plants? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you definitely have to buy this nine herb window garden :) The kit contains all you need to start the process: nine reusable pots, nine packets of premium seeds and nine bamboo markers. Psssst a thing you need and it isn´t include in the set is... TIME! hahahaha.

Pods come in one color: beige! It matches with all the other colors so that won´t be an issue. What about the premium seeds? These are the herbs included: dill, basil, thyme, chives, oregano, cilantro, mustard and sage. Planting is relaxing although I know it requires time. You can think it as a family activity: all together can grab the seeds and plant them happily on the pots. Watching plants growth is a unique experience in life.


You will love the bamboo markers! They are ideal to identify each plant so that you don´t get confused with them. There is an instruction guide inside the package so that you can put everything in order. Enhance your garden window and it will be the center of attention.

The writer of Gardening Made Easy: How to Start with your own Garden strongly recommends choosing the right plants for your personality and your lifestyle. If you are vegan or vegetarian then you will love to have herbs plants on your house. But you also need to take into account the weather of the zone you live in: some plants are for humid areas and others don´t. Keeping those things in mind will let you make reasonable decisions.

Hanging Window Plant Shelf- MoxieBeeByPamela

Worried about lacking space or money to buy a garden window? This is your best solution! A stunning plant shelf for your beautiful garden window. There is nothing better than bringing life inside your house with different types of plants. In this shelf there is place for eight medium plants or nine small plants.

Wondering about its material? It is made of thick wood and yellow cordon. Both of them are great sustainable materials. Putting the plant shelf on your garden window is the best location of all: they will receive all the sun they need to make photosynthesis. Remember to water them! Each plant has a different requirement, I have a monstera and just watering it once a week is enough. Another good thing about this window plant shelf is that it is hand made.


Artisans make long lasting things with their hands and this is an example. In the images below you can appreciate their look :). Plants are not the only option: herbs and spices are a fantastic option too. In the image above the person planted thyme, basil and rosemary. Perfect partners for your kitchen.

The author of the article Best Aerogarden Reviews: The New Sustainable Garden Trend highlights that there is nothing better than cooking with vegetables recently taken from your plant shelf. It is well known that the more natural food is, the more nutritious and. beneficial for your health is. I strongly recommend buying the plant shelf! It is decorative, useful and enhances the view of your house. Going back to the materials, the wood used is pine wood and quality stains. Here are some measures to see if it fits your window: there are 10" between shelves.

Now that you have finished reading this incredible review about garden gadgets, you are ready to decide which thing you will buy to enhance your house. Is it going to be a garden window, a window shelf for plants, a hanging window plant shelf or a kit of nine herbs to put on the shelf? Read all the advices given and make a good thought decision!

I recommend you to read the article Organic Fertilizer: Take Care of your Plants with these Products, here is a piece of it: "Our garden is a key place to every house: it has turned into the perfect spot to go green and kick off a sustainable garden. Here we brought some items you may need to have your own sustainable garden". Leave in comments your favorite gadget and tell us everything about it :)

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