Looking for an Organic Baby Blanket? 10 Top Options Here

Looking for an organic baby blanket? We've got ya... Turning your baby nursery into an eco-friendly one is really a good start for a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s not only good for your baby’s health but also it's better for the environment. You can give your baby a truly comfortable and safe sleep with the softness of organic and sustainable materials. Read on for out 10 top options here!

Whether you’re trying to find a blanket to take your newborn baby home in or one to cover them daily when they sleep, there are lots of truly organic cotton baby blankets available online.

Welcome to our selection of the best organic baby blankets made of only natural or organic materials, sustainable sourcing methods, and ethical production practices.

Our Top Pick for Organic Baby Blanket

Pondering Pine - Organic Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket


This 100% organic muslin cotton baby blanket makes a great gift for showers and a cute choice for your baby!

  • Organic, soft and snuggly: carefully made with 100% organic, non-toxic, soft and snuggly cotton.
  • It’s gentle and comforting for your baby’s delicate skin and generously sized so they’ll never outgrow it. Matching star months frame included.

The woodland animals design is so lovely. It goes great with any woodland nursery and enchanted forest baby theme. Shot all the pictures you can month to month and personalize each month with a favorite toy!

You can also keep their growth record on this beautiful baby milestone blanket. Start your baby’s first year with the most adorable monthly milestones blanket. Buy on Amazon

Jam Naturals-Cute Bear Organic Newborn Swaddle Wrap


This super cute organic baby blanket comes in a lovely golden brown and its made of 100% sustainable Sherpa fabric. Excellent choice for 0-3 months babies.

  • It's gentle to the skin: made with 100% organic cotton lining. It is breathable and soft on skin to give your baby total cuddle comfort each time they’re wrapped up.
  • It can be anywhere for a bunch of uses: Use it at home, in the park, on your travels, in the stroller, on a flight, or anywhere else you desire! It can be used both in the crib and on the go.

Each baby swaddle wrap is made with a 100% recycled plush Sherpa polyester , which helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Besides, this organic baby blanket is made from ethically sourced materials. Great choice for a more nature-friendly option! Buy on Amazon

Earthloop - 100% Organic Cotton Large Knit Baby Blanket


A very cute cotton knit organic baby blanket that will work great to comfort your baby and keep it wrapped in safe fabrics. It comes in white color with lovely heart - shaped patterns.

  • Hypoallergenic and sustainable fabric
  • Soft, comfortable and breathable baby kilt

The lovely hearts knitting pattern adds an extra cuteness to this organic baby blanket- specially developed for newborns, babies, toddlers and children.

Ir you are thinking about what to bring to a shower, this organic baby kilt will work perfectly.

The package contains one baby kilt with size 40in - 47in and it is packed beautifully. Buy on Amazon

Miaoberry 100% Organic Cotton Muslin Blanket


This beautifully crafted eucalyptus swaddle ser is the hospital receiving organic baby blanket! Perfect for newborns printed with a warming vintage greenery pattern.

  • Safe and organic fabric that protects your baby and Mother Earth, too. Say no to harmful chemicals and processes!
  • Hand Illustrated and printed with baby-safe, eco-friendly ink. The Boho Sage Eucalyptus shade goes perfect with trendy natural Boho Nursery Decor. Perfect for the most aesthetically demanding parents!

This is one of the best organic baby blankets, especially because its multipurpose. Generously sized, square-shaped it is perfect for swaddling.

It's very versatile to use as baby month growth blanket to track your baby age, it's also a perfect nursing cover, security blanket, teething blanket (Yes, the type og natural blanket your baby can chew on) stroller cover/shade, car seat cover, play mat a more! Buy on Amazon

Makemake Organics - Organic Baby Blanket


These organic baby blankets are made of pure muslin and it's as gentle on your baby's skin as they are on the environment.

  • Safe, non toxic and chemical free. These blankets are certified organic, sustainably sourced, and warmly soft to the touch.
  • Lightweight: this organic baby blanket is incredibly soft and has a lovely drape to it. Patterned in a timeless design, they are perfect for more than just naps and cuddling. Light and breathable.

This is one of those all seasons organic baby blanket. The organic muslin base makes this baby blanket soft and cozy, and the cute lace completes that snuggly look. Carefully sized for everyday use and multiple purpose. Buy on Amazon

Sweet Acorn - Organic Cotton Baby Blanket /Knit Geometric Pattern


The organic cotton knitted blanket by Sweet Acorn is truly beautiful, and will keep your baby warm and feeling secure all day long!

  • Textured stitching: it provides extra pockets for warmth to keep your baby cozy and safe. The design is eye-catching without being too much. Detailed finishes.
  • 100% Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic yarn. Rest assure about the quality of this product. This is one of the safest, most natural blanket for your child.

Gentle to the skin and beautifully patterned this is an excellent organic baby blanket. Give your baby a blanket they'll cherish for a lifetime! Buy on Amazon

LifeTree - Solid Color Baby Swaddle Blankets


100% organic cotton baby blankey that provides maximum comfort and it's totally breathable. Made from 100% organic cotton (GOTS organic), which it's free from harmful chemicals, soft and very kind and gentle to your baby's skin and the planet, too!

  • Lovely fall colors. Babies will look adorable wrapped in gender neutral fall tones.
  • Versatile organic baby blanket that can also be used as swaddle wrap, receiving blanket, nursing cover, play time blanket, burp cloth, and more!

When preparing to receive your baby, a muslin swaddle is one of the must-have baby essentials. Most babies enjoy being swaddled and using organic baby blankets can keep your baby feeling cozy and snug, which ensures a better night sleep. Buy on Amazon

Little Unicorn – Cotton Waffle Knit Baby Blanket


There are so many things we love about this organic baby blanket/swaddle wrap! Actually, a very good product! Let's check:

  • It's cozy and so soft! this sweet white waffle knit baby blanket is crafted from 100% organic cotton. The waffle knit weave will make this blanket a year-round favorite for your little one, which is great!
  • Truly versatile: there are so many ways to use this baby blanket at home plus out and about! Ideal for playtime on the floor, or as a security blanket for your toddler to carry around the house.
  • The waffle knit blanket folds up compactly for easy travel and it's easy to take care of/ durable.

This is honestly premium quality: the 100% organic cotton for these blankets is the finest to ensure your baby’s delicate skin with the softest of fabrics.

If you are looking for the very best, these blankets are certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard which demands tough controls on chemical use.These organic baby blankets are also free of harmful substances. Buy on Amazon

Cambria Baby - 100% Organic Cotton Adjustable Swaddle Wrap


100% organic baby kilt, GOTS certified. As most of its type, the swaddles are totally free from the many toxic chemicals found in commercially grown cotton.

  • It promotes a deeper and longer sleep for your baby. Swaddling soothes your baby by mimicking the feeling of being held in parents arms and of being in the womb. It can also help reducing fussiness from gas or colic.
  • It's adjustable: They'll surely adjust to your baby’s size as they grow. The Velcro is super quiet when undone to keep your baby from being awakened during diaper changes.

This swaddle wrap is simple to use and practical! Put your baby’s legs in the lower pouch, position his arms and fold in the 2 “wings” which fasten with Velcro. Forget about loose blankets in te middle of the night! Great choice. Buy on Amazon

Terra Thread Home - 100% Organic Cotton Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets


This must be the cutest confetti collection ever! The pack includes 4 organic baby blankets ideal for a gift or for receiving your newborn!

  • Made from 100% pure organic cotton GOTS certified: there are no modified seeds, no harmful chemicals or toxic dyes in these organic baby blankets.
  • The 100% Organic cotton muslin swaddles are super soft, absorbent & breathable which makes it ideal for diverse uses: layering, covering up, burping and swaddling your baby.

  • Weave is premium and comfortable for your baby to cuddle in.

The baby kilt size s generous. Measuring a 47 in x 47, these muslin swaddles can be used as a blanket and in the crib or pram as your baby's best travel companion. Buy on Amazon

Hope we got you covered with this selection of the best organic baby blankets available online! It's true that it's not an easy task - or always possible- to replace common products that newborns need with a sustainable alternative. But, blankets are a pretty good start.

Preserving the planet is a non-stop chain of choices that we do on a daily basis. And, having a green lifestyle can be challenged by the fact that babies actually need a bunch of products that are far from being green. But it's not impossible with these all of these super cute and green blankets.

Please, read our article Green Parenting: 6 Tips to be a more Sustainable Parent for further information on what options you have. See you next time!

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