Solar Pool Heater Panels: What You Need to Warm Up your Water

Solar Pool Heater Panels: What You Need to Warm Up your Water. Yes that's it. Don't shake anymore when your bill arrives. There is another (free) way to warm up your pool while not warming up the planet too! The most you use this to warm up your pool the cooler the planet gets. Come on and see, this is our summer plan.

Our Top Pick - Solar Pool Heater Panels

Aboveground Pool Heating System - SunHeater

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DIY Kit- Solar Pool Heater System - SwimEasy

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S601 Pool Solar Heaters Pack of 1-Smart Pool

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Let's see more about each one, modes of use, how to care them and best of all: how do they free you paying no bill.

Aboveground Pool Heating System - SunHeater

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What I Like

  • Tube-and-Web Design
  • Easy to Install

What I Don't Like

  • Nothing to say!

No More Bill! No More Bill!

No, no, I'm not talking to you Bill boy, you stay. I'm talking about the monthly bill that we all have to pay and which amount increases when we use the traditional swimming pool heater system. So this is not a congregation against Bills but against warming up the planet and our pool at the same time!

These solar pool heater panels are the best way for being cool. They are super really easy to install and durable since they have a tube-on-web design which allows them to be more flexible and adapt to different temperatures.


This system take advantage of the existing plumbing fixture you already have to push the water through the panel's tubes. These tubes or collectors are the responsible to warm the water up using the eternal (and free) power of the sun. Once the water is heated up it's returned to the pool through another tubes.

In a more scientific way: solar collectors uses thermal energy from the sun to heat the water.

Spoiler: Solar collectors are not the same at PV (photo-voltaic solar panels). They include tubes throughout the inside so water can circulate and warm up.

That simple, that cheap. Using solar pool heater panels you will reduce significantly the electricity household cost and you will have the same results than using traditional system. But there is more benefits of using solar pool heater panels.. let me tell you about that while keep seeing the other products I brought today.

DIY Kit- Solar Pool Heater System - SwimEasy

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What I Like

  • DIY Kit- You get involved
  • Suitable in different places
  • Flexible

What I Don't Like

  • Some people would prefer it already mounted

Premium Quality

This option is the more expensive of the three but it is the most qualify for the job since it is made from pre compounded polypropylene which improves its lifespan.

This solar pool heater panel has the particularity that comes ready for you to DIY it at home which could be a great opportunity to get involved in its function but could be annoying too. You decide or ask for help if DIY is not your strong suit.


As the first one, this solar pool heater panel has a tube-and-web design too, that means it is able to contract and expand depending on weather.

Differences between solar pool heater panels & traditional systems

There are three ways to warm your pool:

  1. Gas Pool Heaters
  2. Electric Pool Heaters
  3. Solar Pool Heaters

1. Gas Pool Heaters: They can be fast and low cost installation but then they become expensive since they need regular maintenance, have a high operating cost and don't have a large lifespan. Also, they produce a lot of CO2 emissions and it's a risky system ✘

2. Electric Pool Heaters: They are fast too but the installation could be expensive and requires regular maintenance. This system impact negatively in our monthly electricity bill and uses more electricity according the weather. ✘

3. Solar Pool Heaters: Although the installation could be expensive it should be seen as an smart investment.

Solar Pool heater panels just need low maintenance and just need one source to work: the sun. And that source is available all year round so there is no utility cost. They produce no emissions that means they are ecological and long-lasting.

The only thing is that it may take a little longer than the other to warm the water up. ✔️

S601 Pool Solar Heaters Pack of 1- Smart Pool

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Buy on Amazon

What I Like

  • Just one system: Ideal to solar energy initiation

What I Don't Like

  • Nothing to say

A green house to reduce greenhouse effect

It's not the same the effect of a green house than the greenhouse effect but they are related. Going green and shifting to renewable energy will turn our house into a sustainable home. And that is what I expect all world achieve some day. It will be gradually but it will be done. By using clean energy we'll be reducing our carbon footprint which is the main thing to do to reduce the greenhouse effect. As you see , just the brief space between green and house is full of deeply fresh breathable oxygen. Let's do it.

Check out: How to Design a Sustainable Home? 50 Easy Sustainable Home Tips!


First Steps Into Solar Pool Heaters Panels:

Starting could not be easy if you don't have the budget to afford it. This option is ideal if you have a small pool and you want to give it a try. Anyway, all solar pool heater panels are proven efficient but I understand that we always want to be sure before doing such an investment. Go for it, this is your chance.


Let me tell you a little bit about the maintenance: ask the vendor/store about it. No one will tell you the best way to clean it up but the seller. Anyway there is no science in it, they don't need cumbersome efforts, they just need to be clean of dirt and dust which can easily be removed with a soft clothing and a wise tender hand. You have it all.

Where to set them up

This is easy: where the sun hit the hardest. Can be the roof or on the ground but you have to make sure that sun hit directly to the panels the most time possible.

About Solar Panels Disposal

Solar panels are made for long-lasting. They have almost a 20-25 years of durability. But solar pool heater panels used to last almost 5 years approximately. Until here everything is ok, you may think "Wow, that's really a great investment. Give me a thousand!" but before we go crazy we must think in something really important:

What happens next?

Solar panels can't be disposed as the other waste because they are made with some elements that are potentially toxic if they end up in a landfill or enter in contact with water sources. Incorrect disposal management of solar panels could be really harmful and compromise people's health.

The proper disposal would be to use manufacturer recycling services or search Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) which has multiple partnerships. Another way is to demand the Recycle Pv service.

Why is important to think about solar panel's cycle?

According to a research Greenmatch made there would be 60 million tons of PV panels waste lying in landfills by the year 2050 if they are not recycled. In that case, solar energy will become another problem to solve instead of way out. And without mentioning the impact on the economy that would have.

Solar pool heater panels are one of the best ways to start shifting to renewable energy. I want you to feel confident when taking this amazing step, so feel free to dive within our site where there is a lot of useful data that will encourage you to take the chance. There is no risk in it, it's matter of facts.

If you are in love of solar energy and want to save your money and the planet at the same time, I recommend you to read about how to empower your full house with clean energy:

Solar Panels: Which is the Best Solar Panel Type and where to buy it?

Enjoy your Solar Pool Heater Panels!

Now you are ready to take a dip without chattering your teeth!

Install a solar pool heater panel, extend the summer and enjoy the pool time as never before. Be part of this global change to renewable energy. I'm excited to hear from your experiences and to live the amazing experience to be solar powered.

There is something that will never stop surprising me: we have the chances to do it all right, to progress without harming any living, to upgrade our quality of life in harmony with nature and it's just now that´s starting to happen. I think here, in this change, lies the real human evolution.

Thanks for reading!

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