Best Eco-friendly Gifts Made of Recycled Plastic Bottles

Eco-friendly gifts are a growing trend these days. Holidays can be a wonderful time for us, but a terrible one for our planet. Every year, there is a huge global spike in the consumption of consumer goods during the holidays... These might bring magic and joy but what happens to the environment? Almost every item bought comes in some form of packaging, the majority of which contains some plastic (online purchases come in even more packaging due to shipping and also to protect items in transit). Conscious consumption is always a bit challenging in a consumer-driven world, but the holidays can be downright hard. Sometimes, we buy things in a hurry and sadly sustainable gifts aren’t always easy to find. Read this article and find the best eco - friendly gifts made of recycled plastic bottles for you beloved ones.

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Our Top Pick Gifts Made Out Of Plastic Bottles

Best Gift for Cooking Lovers: Plenkshop


This plank is a definitely unique product. Made with our own hands, this eco- friendly, black product is the ideal gift for the cooking lovers. As every product is recycled, different types of plastic are used and the color and pattern may vary, which makes every piece a peculiar one. This product is the perfect one for professionals and beginner, too. Buy on Etsy.


  • Hygienic and bacteria resistant
  • Fit for the dishwasher
  • Inflexible
  • Odor free

Best Gift For The Detailed Ones: MichiCo Decor


This product is the ideal gift for those who have recently moved and looking for new horizons. These soap dishes are available in 3 different colors:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Gray

Every piece is handmade and eco-friendly, which makes them an absolutely unique product. The materials used are recycled ones: plastic and cement. Buy on Etsy.

Best Gift For The Stylish Ones: RejewelShop


This perfect set of earrings is a great choice for those looking for a cute and recycled present!

This is a super cool concept since they are made out of recollected and donated plastic bottles. As you can imagine, they are obviously handmade and can be found in different colors (all containing a fashioned touch of gold on them).

It's important to mention that the quality is great and they are not heavy at all! Buy on Etsy.

Best Gift For Summer Days: WildwoodEyewear


This Wildwood pair is my favorite by far.

The craftsmanship, the presentation and the overall design are second to none. They have great lenses and the wood finish is definitely amazing. Besides, they contribute to the environment since they are made out of plastic bottles...

I must say that they might be a little pricey but it's ok for a pair of comfy, durable sunglasses. However, you might find cheaper options if you're looking just for a small present. Buy on Etsy.

Best Gift For Beach Days: NassauVariety


This bag is the perfect option to take everything you need during your summer holidays on the beach.

It is available in different colors and patters and they are all made out of plastic bottles.

Wide, comfortable, long- lasting and lightweight. Ideal to take your lunch to a beach day! Buy on Etsy

Best Gift For A Farm Day: Serendipityfarm153


Take a rest and rest in the front gallery of your country house in this amazing recycled rocking chair.

As regards its design, it has a classical- traditional one. It is made out of recycled plastic and is perfectly fit for keeping outdoors. This is a high- quality, durable chair, durable and resistant.

The attention of Serendipityfarm153 is definitely one of the best ones. They are very serious and they definitely do what they have to do in order to send the product on the same day you buy it! Buy on Etsy

Best Gift For Special Celebrations: PonoHomeGifts


This set includes 4 beautiful recycled coasters. It is the perfect gift for those who have recently moved and are willing to invite many guests to their new home.

Each coaster has a unique pattern on it since each piece is made with plastic found in the ocean. Cute and moving, right?

Give you beloved ones not only a product but also an important message! Buy on Etsy

Best Gift For Plant Lovers: KansoDesigns


This product is as stunning in person as in the photo and it is lighter than it looks so easy to transport around the house for best location for plant.

It contains clean lines, great workmanship and the bamboo stand makes it modern and cute. What I really liked about this product is that it is really fast to assemble, two minutes and it is done!

Kanso Designs gives us every reason to give people we love the best we have. Buy on Etsy

Hat made from Recycled Plastic Bottles


This recycled trucker hat not only has been made out of recycled plastic bottles but it also has an incredible fit. Incredible, huh?

It is not only classic and stylish but it also contributes with the environment!

They are available in two different colors: navy blue and green. Perfect for the low- key and the ones who are looking for a useful item. Buy on Etsy

When we give gifts, they’re often not items that are really needed by the recipient. That means that the environmental impact of those items’ manufacture and distribution is really unnecessary and avoidable.

How to Choose an Eco-friendly Gifts?

Here are some easy ways to make your holiday gifts more sustainable:

  • Choose items that the recipient really needs and will use (and reuse)
  • Opt for sustainable materials and skip the plastic wherever you can
  • Select organic and sustainably made items, learn a bit about the company what they do to reduce their impact on the environment
  • Buy local and support small businesses
  • If you’re buying online, look for places that offset their carbon emissions from shipping
  • Choose vegan and/or cruelty-free items
  • Look for businesses that use sustainable packaging
  • If you have to buy wrapping paper or cards, use plastic-free wrapping paper that can be recycled or composted

With the given information in mind, choose at some great eco-friendly gifts made out of recycled plastic bottles and surprise your beloved ones!

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