How to use Less Plastic on our Daily Routine, 6 Items to Save the Planet

Plastic is the gigantic enemy of the planet. It harms the environment in many ways that we cannot totally explain them. We are all aware of global warming, sadly plastic is one of their causes. Physical impact on the marine life like animals death and chemical damage to the environment are also consequences of the massive use of plastic. In this review you will learn how to use less plastic on our daily routine, 5 items to save the planet. Making little changes in our routine can have huge impact in the planet. Leeet´s go!

Our Top Pick Plastic Replacers

Ecology Reusable Cotton Mesh Grocery Bags

this one

I bet that everyone has plastic bags in their houses to practically do all: go shopping, buy groceries or lend some clothes to a friend. This string bag is an amazing option to replace them! Made from cotton fabric, it will last for years!

  • Use it to go for groceries: the size is perfect to buy vegetables for two days.
  • My sister takes it to the gym instead of using plastic bags: sustainable and functional.

Stop paying extra cash for a plastic bag in the supermarket, buy this durable and resistant bag! Buy on Amazon

Water Bottle With Time Marker


Water is our everyday food. We keep consuming it in disposable plastic bottles that end up in the ocean. How to use less plastic? A reusable bottle with a time marker included is the solution!

  • Recharge it in the gym, school or work: it can go everywhere with you.
  • Cool or hot assured: it is made of aluminum which maintains temperature of the liquid.

This bottle will remind you to drink water! Buy on Amazon

White Glass Water Bottle with Straw Reusable Glass Cups


Coffee cups made of plastic are used all over the world. Only one person regularly drinks two cups! The white glass water bottle is a good plastic replacer.

  • It is reusable: use it on the train and recharge your coffee at the office :)
  • Anti-slip effect: it has a silicone lid that allows you to use it on the gym or the bus.

Learn how to use less plastic and your world will change! Buy on Amazon

Lunch Box,Bento Boxes for Student


Do you work in an office? Do your children eat at school? Let´s see how to use less plastic on those meals with this lunch box :)

  • Replace plastic tuppers and use the lunch container. It keeps your meal hot!
  • There is space to save your utensil, reuse it as many times as you want!

It is leak resistant: your kids will love it. Also: microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. Buy on Amazon

Portable & Reusable Stainless Steel Travel Cutlery Set


Good tip on how to use less plastic: reusable travel cutlery set! Carry them with you everywhere you go.

  • Easy to carry and easy to use: small size
  • Stop using plastic cutlery in fast food restaurants, keep the set always in your bag :)

Small changes can become big opportunities to save the world. Buy on Amazon

2 Pcs 2.1x1.6 Inches Round Tin Jar Tea Tins Food Storage Container for Loose tea


Here´s how to use less plastic to contain staff: Jar tins for food storage! You can save loose tea, jewelry, candy and any other small item.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • The package includes 12 containers!

These containers will improve your organization and the best thing about them is that they are reusable :) Buy on Amazon

There are thousand options to reduce plastic consumption. The six options mentioned above are a good opportunity to incorporate reusable things into our daily routine. From a reusable water bottle to a travel cutlery set. Analyze your life and choose the plastic replacer that best fits your lifestyle. Give a look at this article: All You Need to Have the Best Sustainable Kitchen Products

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