Incredible eco-friendly kitten beds: choose your ideal one!

Our best friends are our pets. Isn´t that true? They are always there for us to play and spend great time together. The company of my cat is priceless. Every time I am with her the world has a different color. Their comfort is my top priority, that is why we bring you here nine incredible eco-friendly kitten beds: choose your ideal one! Find different materials and colors! Most cats spend their day sleeping or playing, having a comfortable pets home is necessary :)

Our Top Pick Kitten Beds

Wool Basket for Cats


Incredible Wool Basket for Cats! It is made of soft and ecological natural wool and it is available in two different colors and combinations: brown, white or brown and white. Your cats will adore curling up in this soft bed!

  • Artisan and natural kitten bed: perfect for your cat
  • There is no need to put it in the washing machine: the wool has antimicrobial properties.

The creator recommends using a vacuum cleaner when a hair sticks on the bed. A dry cloth is perfect for liquid spilled on it. Buy on Etsy

Felt Dog Mat,Multi-color Pet Mat


Original is the word that describes this pets home. It is perfect for cats since they can play with the small balls while resting! The variety of colors will attract their attention. It is made of 100% sheep wool: eco-friendly bed assured :)

  • This pets home is ideal for playing, relaxing and napping.
  • Your cats or dogs will feel cool on summer and hot on winter due to the materials used.

It is designed to be the most comfortable home for your pet! This pets home is made to order, so you can choose the colors you want. Buy on Etsy

Eco Cat Window Bed


An Eco Cat Window Bed is another original pets home. Most cats love to watch the outside world through a window, this bed will be perfect for them. It is available in seven different colors: grey, brown, black, white or beige.

  • Measure the size of your window before buying this window bed.
  • This wool mat does not need washing! It keeps dirt away but you should air it regularly.

Your cats won´t feel cold neither from the floor nor the windowsill. It is a great investment for your cats. Buy on Etsy

Botanical Pets Natural Material Cat Bed


Handcrafted pets home! Beautiful colors and texture. Your cats or dogs will adore sleeping here. To scratch and play with the rough fiber will become their favorite activity. It is made of woven with natural vegetable fibers.

  • Large size pets home: 17 inches. Cats can play and roll inside it.
  • Eco-friendly fiber! Not harming the environment is possible with this pets home.

A catnip toy is included with the bed: toys are mouses that work as cat´s teeth cleaners too :) Buy on Amazon

Fhasso Luxury Bamboo Cat Bed


A luxury bamboo pets home is what appears in the picture on the left. It is original and different from others kitten beds! But guess what? It is eco-friendly and super comfortable. Indoor cats and small dogs can live in there :)

  • it is made of bamboo: an outer protection shell plus a plush cushion in it.
  • Eco-friendly material: bamboo is organic and durable.

The goal of the creator is providing cats and dogs their own private hideaway :) Buy on Amazon

Natural Material Cat Bed - Premium Eco-friendly Handcrafted Scratcher Pink


Colorful and stunning pets home! The natural fiber has a herbal smell that most cats and dogs love. My cat adores this bed! Scratching the natural fiber and sleeping during the afternoon is what she likes to do.

  • Natural vegetable fiber from Colombian mountains is the material of the pets home.
  • Cats love this bed because the fiber resembles grass!

This cats bed will be the center of attention in your living room or your room. Wherever the gat likes to spend time at. Buy on Amazon

Feltcave Cat Cave Bed, Handmade from Wool


This incredible pets home is made of high quality merino wool. It is modern and comfortable. Easy to transport: due to the thick wool, it can be open so that your cat can sleep on it. Perfect for small or big cats, everyone can sleep there.

  • Handcrafted pets home: it is made of an eco friendly wool.
  • The merino wool repels dirt, odor and stains. It is super easy to clean and wash.

My sister has it at her house and she is happy with it. It goes unnoticed in the livi Buy on Amazon

PET LIFE 'Eco-Paw' Reversible Eco-Friendly


A reversible pets home is what most people chooses for their cats or dogs. It is easy to wash and to store. Practicality is the word that perfectly describes this pets home. It is brown on one side and cocoa on the other

  • It is available in two sizes: it all depends on your pets size.
  • Made of polyester, a material that is easy to wash! Put it on the washing machine :)

Your pet will no longer want to be outside this bed once he tries it! Price is great too: $25! Buy on Amazon

Juccini Wool Cat Cave Bed - Eco friendly Felt Cat Cave for Cats and Kittens


Here we have an original and colorful pets home for your house. It is made of 100% natural felted wool and an anti-bacterial material. It is hand-crafted in Nepal.

  • Light and portable: take it everywhere you go.
  • It is spacious and more than comfortable! Your cat can play and sleep inside it.

The design is modern, place it on a corner of your living room and it will look completely different. Buy on amazon

Now we reach the end of the review! There is a wide variety of options to choose which kitten bed you will buy. Remember that all of them are eco friendly :) Choosing our pets home is one of the most nice things to do in the world. Leave in comments your experience! Read this article to learn more about Pets World 101: Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Pet.

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