Tofu Press: Best Eco Friendly Alternatives for All Tastes!

Having a plant-based or a vegan diet requires to be creative in the kitchen. Apart from the vegetables and fruits found in your diet, protein has to be present. One of the best providers of protein is tofu. Tofu comes from China and it is made from soybeans, these soybeans are coagulated with calcium and other minerals. Best Eco Friendly Alternatives for All Tastes! Tofu hasn't got a strong flavor, it is neutral. The good thing is that you can give it the flavor you want. So that tofu can absorb the flavor you are choosing, it needs to be dry. The best way to do that is using a Tofu Press. Let´s discover short reviews about 7 Best Tofu Press!. Find the whole descriptions at the end of the review :)

Our Top Pick Tofu Press

Just by placing the tofu inside the container and pulling down the silicon bands, water will start to come out. Leave it for four hours in the fridge and the result will be incredible! Buy on Amazon

Prepare the most delicious salads with this tofu press. With only one screw you will obtain great shaped tofu. Design is simple and easy to use. Buy on Amazon

Buying a good tofu press for a good price is possible. It is made of sustainable materials and it is available in three different colors. Buy on Amazon

This tofu press is made from bamboo. Forget about cheap plastic that damages the planet. It includes a cheese cloth. Put your tofu between two plates and see what happens! Buy on Amazon

Four containers and a powerful spring is all you need to have a well pressed tofu. It is easy to clean and you can look at the press process through the transparent container. Buy on Amazon

Adjustable knob and depth marking is one of the great features of this tofu press. The poor spout is practical to pour out water instead of opening the whole container. Buy on Amazon

The stainless steel sturdy spring makes all the difference. With two levels of pressure, you can choose which is best for your tofu depending on its consistency. Buy on Amazon

Are you ready Tofu Warrior?, continue reading and learn all the details about the 7 Best Tofu Pressers mentioned above :)

Best Practical Press: Tofu Press- Tofuture

tofu 1

This tofu press is one of the best practical ones in the market. Put your tofu inside the container, pull the bands down until you reach the desired pressure, push the clips to close the container and place it on the fridge to press. A good thing of it is that the remaining water is stored in the outer container, so when you take the tofu out of the press, the water can be perfectly separated. The time you want to leave the container in the fridge depends on the preparation you want to cook. I advise you to first decide whether you will fry tofu with vegetables (it takes 4 hs on the fridge) or you will use it to prepare sauce (it takes just 20 minutes).

What I Like

  • Great design
  • It includes a cheese cloth
  • Approved by SATRA

What I Don't Like

  • The plastic clips are hard to hook
  • It demands a lot of strength :(

My friend has been using it for five months and she loved it! She told me that the best thing is leaving the container inside the fridge without doing any effort. Removing excess of moisture of the tofu has many benefits. Instead of having bland mush you can have an extra-firm tofu. Cut it in small pieces and fry it with olive oil, your family will love you! Tofu is filled with pockets of water, when you press tofu that water is gone. Prepare your favorite marinade with usual herbs and spices and immerse the tofu in it. Now your tofu will absorb all the marinade and it will have taste delicious!

Best Design: Tofu Press- Inkesky

tofu 2

Want to prepare delicious vegan salads? Have you recently become vegetarian and you need to include protein in your diet? Tofu is the correct answer for all those questions hahaha. Apart from being a great protein alternative for vegans and vegetarians, tofu has all the amino acids that your body needs.

Did you know that it is full of minerals? It provides phosphorus, manganese, selenium and more to your cells. With this tofu press, cooking tofu has never been so easy. The key to prepare successful recipes with it is adding flavor. Continue reading to discover a great recipe!

What I Like

  • Easy to use.
  • Obtain shaped tofu.
  • Small size for an easy storage.

What I Don't Like

  • It hasn't got a container for remaining water.
  • It isn´t made for single servings, you need to put the entire block on the tofu press.
tof 3

This tofu press is different from other since it has not got containers for remaining water or to place the block of tofu inside it. However, it does press tofu and it is easy to transport. If you are and adventurous person who likes to go camping then this is your ideal tofu press. The drainage design is spectacular, place the tofu inside the small box and start spinning the wheel to make pressure. Now all the water inside the tofu will be gooone! I used it last month and it only took me 25 minutes to press the tofu. The block of tofu will continue to have its shape since the tofu press has only one screw. Buy it by clicking the button below :)

Best Price: Tofu Press, Tofu Press Maker- XKiss


If you don´t want to spend much money on a tofu press, then this is your best choice. To obtain good results you need to lock the spring in the bottom container, then put the tofu in the green inner container and place that container on top of the spring. Now it is time to put the lid on the tofu because it is the piece that will press the tofu.

Last but not least, clip the buckle to tight the press and voila! My sister uses this tofu press and she told me that the best thing about it is that there´s no need to use your arms to press hard because the job is done by the press.

What I Like

  • Anti oxidation spring.
  • Good price.
  • Water collecting tray.

What I Don't Like

  • It is difficult to close.
  • Made of plastic.

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Remember that the last step is putting the tofu press inside the fridge, wait from 15 minutes to three hours. Your time, your choice :) Although the tofu press is cheap and it is made of plastic, the material of the spring is good: stainless steel. Always verify the material of the spring when buying a tofu press since it the main element of the process. The green container below the tofu has drainage holes so that water can drain easily from the top to the bottom. This tofu press will save you time! If you have small children, this tofu press is a good way to include them in the cooking process!

Best Sustainable Material: Bamboo Tofu Press- Yarkor


The YARKOR tofu press is an essential addition to your kitchen. Vegetarians and vegans are the ones that will take advantage of this magical product.

Most of the tofu press in this review are made of recycled plastic, however, this one is the exception. It is made from 100% organic bamboo, a material that is easy to clean and it does not contaminate the planet. You are buying a non toxic product! The nuts, washers and bolts are made of stainless steel. Most of my family members bought this tofu press since they are getting rid of all the plastic gadgets inside their kitchen.

What I Like

  • 100% bamboo.
  • Rational design.
  • Fits every size of tofu.

What I Don't Like

  • It has everything a tofu press needs to have but the only thing missing is a water container.

Sustainability is something that matters to everyone! When you buy this sustainable tofu press you are also helping the world. YARKOR is a professional tofu presser company with offices in many countries. They represent independent designers with brand new ideas to create wonderful tofu pressers. How can you use this tofu press? Just put the tofu in the middle of the bamboo layers and press the top layer. In thirty minutes your tofu will be ready. Create incredible recipes with tofu! Add it to soups, noodle dishes and pasta. The price of this tofu press is $23.98 :) A long lasting invention that will save you time and money!

Best Easy to Use: Tofu Press, Easily Remove Water- YARKOR


This tofu press includes three different containers. Each of them has a special function: one contains the powerful spring and works a water collecting tray. The second one, known as the middle strainer, has draining holes for the tofu on the top and the third one, known as the top lid, is responsible for pressing the tofu. Your tofu will end draining water after thirty minutes.

Design is incredible! It is made of transparent plastic. One of the great features of the tofu press is the effortless and effective pressing. There´s no need tou use your arms!

What I Like

  • Transparent containers.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • It has a container for remaining water :)

What I Don't Like

  • Arm strength and coordination are needed!

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After using the tofu press, you will be able to season and marinade it. The price of this tofu press is $19.98. Be ready to prepare the most delicious recipes with tofu. Follow this recipe and prepare pan-fried sesame garlic tofu! All you need is soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, sesame oil and tofu of course hahaha. First you need to put the tofu inside a marinade made with rice vinegar and soy sauce. Leave it for 40 minutes so that tofu absorbs all the flavors. Now you need to fry the tofu using sesame oil. I recommend you to heat the pan first, after five minutes the pan will be hot so it is time to fry the tofu. Leave in comments what was your experience!

Best Water Catcher: Adjustable Tofu Press with Cheesecloth- NOYA


This is my favorite tofu press of the review. The design, the colors and how it works make it a must have tofu press. Keep calm because you can easily place and move your tofu with the U drip tray. Forget about taking all the containers out of the box to throw water away!

This tofu press has a pour spout on the top, super practical! The thing I love most about it is the adjustable knob and depth marking. You can measure the firmness of the tofu whenever you want. Once you have the desired firmness you can remember it for the next time :)

What I Like

  • Beautiful design and materials.
  • Practical pour spout.
  • Great depth marking.

What I Don't Like

  • You will want to buy one of this to every member of your family!

You don´t need to use your arms strength and coordination at all with this tofu press. Just rotate with your hands the top silicone to press the tofu. Then all you need to do is waiting! Watch a movie or read a book until tofu reaches your desired firmness. It drains water super quickly! Overall, price is good. Think is as a long term inversion. I forgot to mention that your receive an additional element with your purchase: a cheesecloth! Now you can also press yogurt, frozen spinach or whatever you want.

Best Pressure: Tofu Press - Tofu Presser for Firm or Extra Firm Tofu- TofuBud


Our last tofu press has many benefits. It is easy to assemble, easy to clean and sustainable! Have you got a dish washer?. You can put it in there too :). I believe that it is one of the best pressure because it has T W O levels of pressure!. That makes it suitable for all types of tofu: silk, firm and extra firm.

This tofu press lasts approximately 20 minutes to drain all the water from the tofu. Amazing! right? It has a removable drainer at the base which makes it easy to remove old water.

What I Like

  • Safe materials.
  • Cool drainer.
  • Clear matte base.

What I Don't Like

  • It does not press too much water!

This tofu press is sustainable. It is made of 100% recycled plastic: BPA free and BPS free materials. Have great tofu and help the planet at the same time. People say: "The consistency is so much better after being pressed to 2/3 it’s original size... cutting it reminds me more of cutting feta than the spongy, unpleasantness of unpressed tofu". What are you waiting for? Click on the green button below and buy it online :)

Tofu is an endless source of protein, amino acids and minerals. Using a tofu press will open the door to a world of possibilities inside the kitchen :) Leave in comments which one is your favorite!

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