Why Doing Yoga 15 Minutes a Day Could Change your Life?

Yoga is a mixture of disciplines: mental, physical and spiritual. It is an exercise with mental and physical benefits. Achieving internal peace is the road to feel good with ourselves. Did you know that doing yoga 15 minutes a day could change your life? Improve your blood levels and learn how to breath correctly.

In this review you will find more than seven articles available online to start practicing yoga. Enter into this wonderful world!

Our Top Pick Yoga Elements

Natural Cork Yoga Mat- Sew Swank Shop

yoga mat

A mat is essential to practice yoga: 15 minutes is all you need to do it! This stunning mat is made of natural cork and an anti-tear net. It has 5 mm thickness so you can carry it with you everywhere you want. All materials are eco-friendly!

  • Non-slip surface: the mat has an internal layer that absorbs water. Be always safe :)
  • Available in different natural designs: butterfly, mandala, elephant, etc.

Plus: it includes a carrying strap! Super practical :) Buy on Etsy

Youth Radiant Bra Top- Werkdancewear

foto 2

Clothes are everything: we need to be comfy and clothes have to be breathable. Yoga improves your breathing! Different techniques are explained in classes such as inhalation through nostrils, air retention and exhalation.

  • Supportive bra perfect for yoga poses: the supported bridge is my favorite one!
  • Hand made and lined in soft fabric

Buying a sports set is all you need to practice yoga: 15 minutes a day change your mood! Buy on Etsy

Thick & Stretchy Leggings for the Urban Yogi- Offrandes


Another must in your yoga life is a good quality pair of leggings. Made with organic cotton, it feels like a second skin. Yoga specialists recommend using leggings made of thick fabric: most poses demand stretching.

  • Breathable fabric: combination of organic cotton and lycra fibre.
  • Designed to be used during long periods of time.

Doing yoga: 15 minutes a day increases your flexibility and improves your posture. Buy on Etsy

Lavender Eye Pillow- Pillar Box Gifts


Yoga involves relaxation. Usually at the end of the class everyone has to close their eyes and breath slowly. In that moment concentration is everything! Leaving bad feelings away is needed. Using an eye pillow helps you to relax at a different level.

  • Made of lavender: delicious smell. Lavender reduces anxiety.
  • Beautiful designs and sizes.

Read this: Hot Yoga: Science-Based Facts about Its Health Benefits

Price is affordable: $10! Buy on Etsy

Yoga Cards- High Desert Yogi

yoga cards

A mindful yoga practice is needed to practice yoga: 15 minutes a day requires planning. In these cards you can find many yoga poses to create your routine. A complete educational guide for beginners.

  • It includes 60 yoga poses and themed sequences. Each of them has an illustration :)
  • Special cards with breathing exercises!

They are ideal for teachers, they can use the cards as flashcards to explain the yoga routine. Buy on Etsy

Yoga Mat Cleanser- Soulistic Root


Essential oils are used in yoga: they make yoga sessions fulfilling. You can use them in an oil diffuser, to do massage or with eye pillows. This product is a yoga mat cleanser: spray it on your mat before and after doing yoga. It restores harmony on the space!

  • Hand made with natural ingredients.
  • Practical package with diffuser.

It is a great addition for your yoga: 15 minutes a day equals a calm life. Buy on Etsy

Chakra Cork Yoga Blocks- Zenletics


The chakra is a space where your energy flows: the body energy. This block helps you to align your energy in your body. It is used in many exercises such as: back support, knee support and more.

  • Hand made with natural cork
  • Perfect size for all yoga poses

Price is affordable: $14! Choose your favorite color :) Buy on Etsy

Pilates Legwarmers without heels 100% cotton plant dyed- Tuttosicrea


These socks are perfect to wear when you are doing yoga: 15 minutes a day is all you need to have a healthy life. They are made of 100% cotton plant: available in two different colors! Socks are dyed with natural herbs.

  • Vegan natural socks
  • Original gift to give to your relatives

Use them to meditate, relax or do yoga wherever you want :) Buy on Etsy

As you could read in the article, doing yoga: 15 minutes a day has a huge impact in your life. Read this article to learn more: Yoga Practice: What Benefits Does It Bring to Our Health?

If you want to find inner peace and also train your body this exercise will be perfect for you. Find a good teacher and change your life.

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