Numerology Techniques by Name: Know More about It!

Numerology. Have you ever heard about it? Did you know your Root Number? and what about the Numerology techniques? Did you know about these ones? Well, as you may have guessed already both have to do with numbers. But why bother about numbers? Just, take a sec and think about it, numbers are all around us. We set our plans and schedules around numbers, our birthday is celebrated because of the day we came into this world. Again, numbers.

And I bet you have a favorite "lucky number" and I bet you as well that you may have experienced some strike of luck associated with numbers. Surely you like more even numbers, or uneven.... it doesn't matter how, numbers are generally linked to our daily lives.

Just as in astrology planets are associated to our zodiac signs and the energy of our solar, moon and rising energies, numbers also carry some meaningful messages in numerology. Numbers are another means for insights into ourselves, our personality traits, our future, even a greater purpose of which you are not yet aware of.

In this article, we'll be diving into the world of numerology: What is it? Why is it relevant? Are there numerology techniques? Stay with us as we'll surely answer some of these questions.

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What is Numerology?

Numerology is by strict sense of the word, the study (Ancient Greek logia) of numbers (Ancient Greek numero ). But don't worry it's not about Mathematics but more about the hidden, mystical meaning of numbers in coincidence with some events in your life, or even in history. Numerology involves also studying the importance of numbers in relation to words, ideas, concepts or names and it's astrology's closest friend. Let's take a closer look...

Numerology is also an incredibly practical tool for finding patterns and recurrent digits. Your ID number, your home address, the number in the plate of your car, everything is good enough for numerologists to find patterns in your life and the things you experience on a daily basis.

Numerology is considered another "divinatory art" in which you can explore your inner world, and the energies that favor you to make good things come into your life or destiny. According to numerology we all have a life-path number, a sort of birth chart but with numbers, which we''ll refer back later.

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Nowadays numerology lies its foundations on the teachings by Pythagoras, and ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician. He is considered an outstanding Mathematician, but what they don't tell you at school is that the true nature of his studies of numbers was more connected to the inter connectivity of numbers, rather than to their quantitative use.

He believed that our true existence was connected to vibratory internal and external energies that could be quantified and studied. According to Pythagoras himself then, numbers are more linked to our fortune than what we think.

It's not necessary, though to be a Greek philosopher or mathematician to be interested and get started with numerology. All you need to discover the magic of numbers is a piece of paper, a pen, some skills on arithmetical operations (or a calculator, why not?) and tons of curiosity!

Numerology Techniques by Name

1. Life Path Number

A Life Path Number is to numerology what a birth chart is to astrology. Remember that these two are actually very close. You'll see, a Life Path Number then is an easy way to get started with numerology. Numerology will always try to get the root number, which means reducing digits until you get a number only composed of one digit, except for 11 and 22 - regarded as Master Numbers, on which we''ll check shortly. That only single digit number is your Life Path Number.

Your individual Life Path Number will have similar characteristics to your solar zodiac sign, and this is no surprise because no matter from what perspective or discipline you approach it, you are here to be in a given vibration, destiny as some people call it.

Well, your Life Path Number will be all about this: your higher purpose, your virtues, your flaws, the experiences that you lived, are living ad we'll live. The Life Path Number is even about the tint and "order" of your stories. Put in very simple terms your Life Path Number in like a fingerprint of your cosmic self.

2. Master Numbers

Of course every number will be important to analyze , but there are some numbers that hold more power than others. This is the case of the double-digit triplet of numbers 11, 22 and 33 which are considered Master Numbers in numerology.

When put together, these three very powerful energies represent the 3 stages of Creation: 11 is the visionary, that represents envisioning (first stage). 22 represents the Architect and naturally implies building, material creation (second stage). Finally, 33 is the number that delivers creation to the world and represents sharing (third stage).

Although these are powerful pairs, they are not always relevant. Their power and influence on you and your life will depend on their placements, as it much happens in astrology with the signs. We are not going to dwell into this here, but if you are interested you can learn more about Master Numbers in here!

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3. Letter Conversion: how to find your Root Number?

Another common technique used by numerologists has to do with converting letters to numbers so as to clarify their hidden meaning. How so? Well, in numerology you can translate everything into a root number, even letters!

Remember Pythagoras? Well, according to him, a number can be assigned to each letter of the alphabet, like this:

1 = A, J, S

2 = B, K, T

3 = C, L, U

4 = D, M, V

5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X

7 = G, P, Y

8 = H, Q, Z

9 = I, R

When you get a root number by using this technique, your result will have the name of Destiny Number, according to numerologists.

Your Destiny Number will give you a greater understanding on your true self, and the higher purpose set by your Life Path Number. The Destiny Number will express the nature of your experiences, the how...

Do you want to know what your Destiny Number is? Very simple. You just have to do the maths and find the root number of all your full name -first, middle and family name- .

You have to minimize each name to one digit and then sum up the total amount. There goes your Root Number or the Destiny Number.

4. Number Interpretation

Once you find your Life Path Number and Destiny Number, you have to interpret what they mean. It's like first knowing your zodiac signs and then interpreting what those energies mean to your and your life. But the truth is that, this part of numerology is a whole inner discipline in itself and it's not the purpose of this article to go on about this. In case you want to dig into it, you'll love our next section!

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5. Book Recommendation

If we already got you here, you may consider starting with numerology if you are interested in it enough. As we want to encourage whatever search of self-acknowledgement you decide to start with, we'll provide you always with what you need.At this point we'll be sharing some very interesting books from Amazon, the world's most trusted leader in online book selling.

> The Complete Book of Numerology [by David Phillips published November, 1st 2005]

To the more traditional scientists, numerology is not a science in itself but a metaphysical discipline. Doctor David A. Phillips poses in this book that numbers are not just about arithmetic and measurements, nut they carry a whole new hidden, magical meaning to them than we know.

The Complete Book of Numerology will let you dig into everything that numbers represent in connection to the events happening in your life and the nature of them. It will let you understand in deeper terms the connection between numerical patterns and your level of positivity, abundance, good health and general well being of yourself.

> Another very good alternative you may find at Amazon is Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane.

This book is a little bit older but more precious! First published in 1979, the author presents us here with a manifest of numerology divided into two sections. Part I is an extensive introduction to esoteric numerology.

Part II of the book shows us for the first time what the author calls "the Divine Triangle" between numerology, astrology and the Tarot. Each number from 1 to 78 is thoroughly studied and explained in terms of its astrological equivalence and its Tarot imagery. You'll love the gorgeous illustrations, too. The Numerology and the Divine Triangle is a sort of reference book in numerology, so if you go for this one, you won't regret it!

> This is an Amazon special for starters: A Beginner's Guide to Numerology: Decode Relationships, Maximize Opportunities, and Discover Your Destiny

Published December, 2019 this is definitely the book you want if this article caught all of your attention and you pretend to go numerology a go. This is it! Among the bunch of data the author of the book , Joy Woodward, provides with you´ll find:

  • Your root numbers: Discover your Life Path Number through your birth date and all the abundance your greater purpose will bring!
  • Bonding Types: Numbers can give a profound insight on our relationships. Whether family, romantic partners, coworkers, etc you'll find in numbers the perfect tool to understand them!
  • Spiritual Insight: Find about your Destiny Number and all the information about yourself and the energies that you vibe!
cover of A Beginner\'s Guide to Numerology: Decode Relationships, Maximize Opportunities, and Discover Your Destiny
A Beginner\'s Guide to Numerology: Decode Relationships, Maximize Opportunities, and Discover Your Destiny

Any of these actually really inexpensive books is a god start for numerology, so give it a go! Widen your self-awareness and your awareness of other with the science of numerology! . In case you are even more avid for knowledge than what we think, enjoy this online calculator to start knowing a little bit about you! It's always a nice moment to start. See you next time, cosmic sustainable warrior!

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