10 Most Beautiful Indoor Plants that Clean the Air

The pandemic has brought many changes into everyone´s lives. Working from home instead of going to the office was challenging. Due to spending all day at home, people commenced to redecorate their houses. Usually, the main goal was making spaces more functional but also more relaxing. This is where indoor plants that clean the air started to be in the spotlight. Indoor plants reduce stress and anxiety. They tend to improve your mood by making the air more pure. In this article you will find ten reviews of the most beautiful indoor plants. Look at all the options available to buy online!

Our Top Pick Indoor Plants

Snake Plant Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii 16in Tall


This is one of the best easy to care indoor plants that clean the air. Just water it once every few weeks and it will be ok. It can live in the indoors or in the outdoors. I have it in my house and everyone loves it.

  • Do not expose it to full sun, it only needs low light.
  • The green foliage is original and sophisticated, perfect to decorate your living room :)

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Dracaena Lemon Lime Live Plant Indoor

plant 2

The Dracaena belongs to the popular plants group. Indoor plants that clean air are usually situated in bedrooms or living rooms. Its tri-colored leaves catch everyone´s attention, this plant will be the focal point in your house.

  • Suitable for beginners in the plant´s world: it is easy to care
  • Either indirect sun or low light: your plant will grow happy!

The brand recommends repoting it every one to two years. Buy on Amazon

The Rubber Plant

plant 3

The rubber plant needs bright light to grow indoors. Sun is the one that helps the leaves to maintain their burgundy color. You buy the plant and a decorative pot to place it inside it. My sister has this plant inside her bedroom and she is very happy!

  • It brings life to your environment and transforms every room.
  • Indoor plants that clean the air are chosen by people who spend too much time at home.

Don´t over water it! Touch the top inch of the toping mix, if it is dry then water it. Buy on Amazon

Aloe Vera Live Indoor Plant Fresh

plant 4

Aloe Vera is basically a magical plant. It has multiple curative effects such as wound healing, gum infections solving, skin hydration and intestinal problems healer. Everyone should have this plant at their homes :)

  • It has to receive direct sunlight to grow as strong as an oak.
  • Every two weeks, you should water it with 1/2 cup of water.

Indoor plants that clean the air are necessary in our lives. They purify the air. Aloe Vera will become the best addition to your house. Buy on Amazon

Monstera Deliciosa | Split Leaf Philodendron


Monstera is my favorite plant! I have it in my room and I guarantee you that the air feels fresher than before. Their leaves give character to my room, they are big and wide heart shaped.

  • If you have white or gray walls this plant will improve the esthetics.
  • All Monstera leaves have holes and splits, the holes become bigger as the plant grows old.

Monstera is on the top 5 of indoor plants that clean the air. Buy on Amazon

Golden Pothos Easy Care Live Plant

plant 6

I believe that the pothos is one of the greatest plants to decorate bookcases or empty shelves. It is a trailing vine plant that grows fast.

  • Indirect light is all they need to live and grow
  • As Monstera, the leaves of the pothos are heart shaped.

Pothos is a fantastic air purifier, an indoor plant that cleans the air is all you need in your house. Buy on Amazon

ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

plant 7

Sophisticated and tall plant. After you buy it you will receive it perfectly packaged together with a nice rose pot. Most people like to put them near the kitchen to breath purified air.

  • It grows well with indirect light instead of direct light
  • Always water it in small amounts, if it is over watered then the roots will become dry.

Put it inside your bedroom or next to the dining room, ZZ plant is a great indoor plant that helps to clean the air. Buy on Amazon

Spider Chlorophytum Comosum


This is the typical indoor plant that cleans the air. It is ideal to place on shelves or bookcases. Easy care! Beginners can buy this plant knowing that it does not require any extravagant thing. Just remember to put it under low light.

  • Known as the spider plant, their long leaves add character to the space.
  • Versatile: spider plant can grow indoors or outdoors!

Low watering is key in this case. They grow well in humid temperatures. Buy on Amazon

Bird's Nest Fern Live Indoor Plant

plant 9

Original indoor plant that cleans the air! The bird nest has beautiful and long leaves. Gardeners recommend placing it near a sunny window.

  • This plant will make your home cozy.
  • Remember to fertilize it during hot temperature months: summer and spring :)

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Peace Lily Clean air Plant Friendship

plant 10

This plant is grown in the garden of a small family. It is an indoor plant that cleans the air and purifies it. Perfect for small bedrooms!

  • The white blooms grow during the whole year above the green leaves.
  • You will notice when it needs watering because the leaves will turn brown.

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Indoor plants are a must in your house. It is demonstrated that plants can improve your mood and make you happier in hard days. Revise the reviews and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Feel free to read this article and learn more about fertilizers for your plants :) Flower Seeds: The Best Options for a Beautiful Garden.

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