All you Need to Create a Comfortable and Sustainable Bedroom

Sustainable living is a world of many choices from food or clothes to furniture. Going more eco-friendly at home is easier than you think and your bedroom is for certain the best place to start! Please, read next for all you need to create a comfortable and Sustainable Bedroom sooner than later!

The bedroom is probably one of the spaces where we tend to spend most of our time. Why not? It's so comfy and cozy! With the rise of teleworking and many habits that have been radically changed with the strike of a worldwide pandemics, it's natural that we have turned our attention to how we want our house to look.

As we give planet Earth a break from the disastrous consequences of unregulated human activities, we can think now of alternative and -hopefully- more environmentally friendly choices for our home decor.

Turning your bedroom into a less artificial and environmentally friendly space, where you can choose among so many styles while being friendly to nature at the same time is super possible and non expensive. Stay with us to learn some of the easiest and most practical tips to turn your bedroom into a sustainable bedroom! Ready?

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What do I need start a Sustainable Bedroom?

Any eco-conscious person looking for a more eco-friendly way of living, should know that going sustainable in every way possible has a pretty direct and positive impact on the planet. Why? Because it reduces your carbon footprint. As crazy as it may sound you only need the initiative, and of course, the creativity. So let us help you with a little by providing the simplest and most creative tips for the sustainable bedroom of your dreams!

From recycling old furniture to choosing an organic mattress or organic sheets, there are a lot of simple sustainable home tips you can follow! In our article All You Need to Have the best Sustainable Bedroom Set you will find very good products and reviews of options you should definitely consider.

A. Invest in a Sustainable Mattress

This is honestly a must. Kind of non negotiable for a sustainable bedroom set. The thing is that most regular mattresses contain harmful chemicals including toxic adhesives and petroleum-based foams which not only can they pollute the environment, but they cal also irritate the skin and release toxins no matter how old the mattress.

And this brings us to the next, once a mattress is no longer useful it just goes to the garbage generating tons and tons of harmful pollutants that will take years to degrade. Instead, you can save that mattress, sell it or donate it and turn to a sustainable mattress that won't only be beneficial for the planet but also for your health and a better rest!

One of the great benefits of purchasing sustainable mattress is that these are certified and accredited by independent and validating organizations as they meet the highest health, environmental and social standards. Organic mattresses are also 100% free from chemicals.

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Made from natural materials such as GOTS -certified organic wool and cotton and organic latex-organic mattresses are a healthier and safer alternative. Besides, the premium quality materials and the level of detail and craftsmanship is sometimes superior to mainstream mattresses brands.

What's the best part? They don't cost a fortune. Right, you can access any sustainable mattress at a reasonable cost because of these smaller companies' strong commitment to the environment and more ethical and sustainable business practices.

For a close review on the best sustainable mattresses available online, check Best Sustainable Mattress: Sleep and Rest Better at Night

B. Pick Sustainable Sheets and Throws

A good set of sheets, throws and pillows is the second thing you have to consider when designing or creating your sustainable bedroom. It does sound like a lot but take it easy! Old habits die hard, and you should take it one day at a time... the important thing is that you persevere. That's already a lot!

What about organic sheets, then? Hemp sheets are the most popular type of organic sheets, but by no means the only ones. Hemp sheets are great and inexpensive. But if it's not of your taste, you have plenty of options.

An eco-friendly blanket or throw will surely add a touch of coziness and comfort to any bedroom. There many sustainable companies out there producing stunning collections of hand stitched one-of-a-kind naturally-dyed blankets and throws made from natural fibers such as 100% Certified Organic Cotton.

In case you need or want more reasons for saying yes to organic sheets, check our article Organic Sheets vs. Regular Sheets: Which one to Buy?

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C. Turn to Organic Pillows

For pillows you will have plenty of options as well. The thing with synthetic pillows is that: they are made of plastic and plastic is a number pollutant. So whenever possible, don't pick synthetic or plastic.

Because sustainable pillows are manufactured with more versatile fibers they can be carefully engineered to fit your body and relieve any kind of pressure while giving you just the right amount of support for the sweetest dreams ever!

Basically, you should go for the pillow that gives you the perfect support to your neck, lumbers and back in general. The design will cushion your head and neck no matter your sleeping position.

You can check some options for mattresses, sheets and pillows here: All You Need to Have the best Sustainable Bedroom Set

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D. Extra Tips!

  • Buy Sustainable Sleepwear

An eco-friendly bedroom wouldn’t be a truly sustainable bedroom without the right sustainable sleepwear and related attire such as slippers, socks and robes. Fortunately for us, there are a bunch of wonderful brands creating the most comfortable and stylish items: nighties, pajamas and long tees made from 100& certified organic cotton and environmentally-friendly fabrics.

Here you have: Organic Cotton Pajamas: The Best Sets for a Sweet Bedtime

  • Use Natural Paints

If you’re thinking of painting your bedroom, you should consider green painting of those walls. Why not? Actually, natural paints are less harmful, less expensive and they came in a variety of the craziest and cutest colors. How your sustainable bedroom is painted is extremely important, so you may want to go for eco-friendly brands that offer green, low-VOC paints. You should be extremely cautious about regular synthetic painting, they won't tell you so but these products are full of harmful chemicals, carcinogens, toxins, and mutagens.

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  • Sustainable Furniture

Wood and bamboo are the two most popular types of material that can be turned into beautiful bedroom furniture. The wide range of options fit all the needs and styles. Very appealing to te eye and forever durable if you can take care of it properly.

Why wood?

Wood is a naturally renewable energy source with very little environmental impact. Besides, wood furniture is both resistant and durable. If furniture last longer that means that they need to be replaced less frequently, which reduces our carbon footprint: once wood furniture finally wears out, it’s 100& recyclable, resulting in a low carbon footprint and more saved trees.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo has many advantages over wood: it reaches full maturity within 5 years and grows faster than hardwood. This strong and ever-lasting material also produces more oxygen while removing carbon dioxide from any room. Bamboo is available in a variety of shapes, styles and finishes to match any sustainable bedroom decor.

You may wanna check this article for further information: 10 Sustainable Furniture Brands for a Conscious, Glamorous Home

  • Lighting

Choose whatever comes handy for saving electrical power and keep your electricity bills low by switching from traditional light bulbs to eco-friendly lighting. Of course, there is a wide variety of them but basically they reduce to two types:

  1. LED lights use about 75% less energy than traditional light bulbs, and they are more energy efficient than CFL light bulbs. They are also more durable than regular light bulbs and produce much less carbon emissions.
  2. CFL, or Compact Fluorescent Lamp is a little bit less efficient but still a good alternative. CFL use around 25% to 35% less energy than traditional light bulbs. They don't heat up as other light bulbs and they give this shinny lightning that is so aesthetically appealing.
  3. Soy candles are a great option, too! They are less chemical than regular candles and won't release any harmful toxins to the room and they are 100& eco-friendly. From time to time, lighting a candle for a relaxing bath or a good meal is so cozy!

Here you have more tips to go greener at home: How to Design a Sustainable Home? 50 Easy Sustainable Home Tips!

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So, just to sum up: we've gone through an interesting variety of creative ideas and tips to create the most comfortable sustainable bedroom. Making more eco-conscious decisions on the products we buy and the types of materials we use in your household is huge and has a great positive impact. So we encourage you to do it! Remember, it's not difficult at all. Start with simple things and let yourself go! By choosing sustainable you are contributing to the preservation of our beautiful natural world out there.

If you like our articles, please share with you small sustainable community. It means the world to us. Thanks a lot for reading!

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