Plant Lovers: 10 Best Holiday Gifts for Green Thumbs

No matter if you consider yourself a green thumbs or not, you probably consider yourself inside the Plant Lovers Club. Or you may probably have a loved one near. The ones who love plants know that this is a journey with no returning direction, right? And a bit of a passionate issue. Here you will find 10 best holiday gifts for the ones that love pots and gardens. Something better than a green Christmas?

Our Top Pick Gifts For Plant Lovers

Best Mama Protection - Plant Mama hat for the plant lover


This funny hat is the perfect gift for a green Mama. We see you PLANT MAMA. With your luscious window sills, colourful pots and perfect lighting to raise a plethora of plant babies. The 6-panel hat is fabricated with garment-washed 100% cotton twill, you’ll wanna rock it all day and night.You will find it one size but the adjustable straps and buckle let it fit all sizes.

The Plant Mama Hat is not only a cute gift, because it is also useful. Will let the user be safe from UV rays while gardening and even be part of the nature spirit with this perfect shade of green. However, if camouflage is not your thing, you will also find it in other nice colors. Buy on Etsy.

Best Daddy Protection - Plant Daddy Hat for Plant Lover


If you were afraid of your plant's paternity, don´t worry any more, here you have the perfect gift for proud plant daddies. As mama´s option, it is as cute and trendy as useful. And even suitable to be UV rays safe! You have to know that this option is a bright turquoise variety, but looks really pretty and you will also find it in other colors.

It is fabricated with garment washed 100% cotton twill and decorated with a nice embroidery that is also of very good quality. Just choose the next plant daddy to be given a gift and order it! Buy on Etsy.

Most Fantastic - Space Astronaut Glass Vase Decoration


This handmade glass vase is a piece of universe available for you on earth! The cute glass plant pot is a novel design, it is ideal for home, desk, kitchen or garden decoration. It is made of resin and resistant glass, it is soft and environmental.

Easy to clean with a small brush and toothpaste. Younger plants, a variety of flowers and miniature ferns or new moss balls would do nicely. It is not only a perfect gift for plant lovers, but also to astronomy lovers. Each package contains 1 astronaut. The dimensions are the following:

  • Astronaut: Length X Width X Height: 14.5X8X15.5cm;
  • Divers: Length X Width X Height: 15X8X19cm Buy on Etsy

Most Decorative - Jellyfish Air Plants in Hand Painted White Shells


Hanging Air Plant "Jellyfish" is a beautiful and truly decorative way to display Air Plants. Hung upside down with a shell attached, they truly look like sea creatures floating through the air! These air plants are easy to take care of and make a great indoor plant for just about anyone.

This option includes two "Juncea'' variety Air Plants and two hand painted White Sea Urchin Shells. These will come assembled. 3 feet of Clear Monofilament line will be tied to the Air Plant and threaded through the Sea Urchin Shell. A loop will be tied at the top for hanging. Completed, these Jellyfish are 5-7 inches in Length. The product includes care instructions. Buy on Etsy

Best For Indoor - Planter Pot , Large Ecological Mica Pot For Succulents, Flowers and Houseplants


If you were looking for a holiday gift for deco and plant lovers, this is the one! This modern eco-friendly planter is designed to enhance any living space. These planters add a decorative touch and provide a stylish home for a variety of authentic or synthetic flora including succulents, cactus, flowers and small plants. The designs are fabricated using 3-D printing technology allowing ao, you will find the boundaries of home décor pushed.

The brand uses custom corn-based plastic to provide a sustainable product without sacrificing quality and durability. I love the idea that the brand prioritizes the environment and values products manufactured close to home which reduces the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere due to transportation. These products are all manufactured in Canada. Buy on Etsy

Most Practical and Aesthetic - Hanging Propagation Station Live Edge Bottom


This holiday gift for plant lovers is not only beautiful, it is also practical for plant propagation!

This wall hanging includes your choice of the number of tubes that are easily removable. The test tubes are 60mL borosilicate glass with rims that securely hang in the wooden holes. Two metal tooth brackets are fastened on the back for safe and secure wall hanging. Measurement varies depending on the number of tubes but the stand pictured is roughly 10 inches long and 7 inches high. No two stands are alike and can vary substantially.

These make great housewarming, Christmas or holiday gifts! You can choose Christmas gift wrapping. Roots Sprouts And Home strives to make you smile when you open your package so if you are not happy with your order, let them know! Buy on Etsy

Most Useful - Stainless Steel Evergreen Watering Can


This useful gift for plant lovers has a sleek and simple design.The stainless steel watering can was made especially for potted plants. Instead of having a shower head spout, the single stream spout helps you get right to the roots, where the magic really happens. Holds up to 1L of water and fits perfectly on window sills & bookshelves.

The spout also stems from the bottom of the watering can - no more tipping the whole can over to get out those last precious drops of water and drenching your socks. For sure, no one likes wet socks.Give your potted plants the good stuff in a delivery method designed just for them. They’ll thank you later (as long as you don’t overwater!) Buy on Etsy

Best Shape - HomePot Mini - Apple Style Planter


This is a 3-D printed replica of Apple's HomePod Mini. Is the same size and shape and color as the HomePod mini but it has been hollowed out in order to make room for your favorite plant or succulent.You can find it Bright white, Space gray, Wood, Orange, Blue or Yellow.

It features an exterior wrap of interlaced lines not only to give it its distinctive look but also give it structural rigidity. Has a hole in the bottom for drainage. This helps prevent root rot caused by overwatering, makes an excellent gift for any office, gaming room, or dorm that needs a splash of green. Are made with specialty filaments that are not only safe for the environment but also give these products a high-quality feel in the hand. Buy on Etsy.

Most Artistic - Moss Wall - Green Wall Art


This is simply green art! The hand crafted wooden hexagon boxes are carefully filled with natural, carefree, sheet moss and reindeer moss. Hanging hardware is included.

Moss Walls are intended for indoor use only and you should keep them out of direct sunlight. Indirect light is fine. These pieces of art have gone through a preservation process, so they DO NOT require water. Are made with extreme care and are intended to cause joy and relaxation as art pieces. That's why, they are full of detail and suitable to enjoy for years to come and be proud to showcase in your home, office, or wherever it is you desire an extra splash of nature or inspiration! Buy on Etsy.

Most Educational - Glowing Tree Kit


This holiday gift is perfect to give to children: it can be really educational. Grow your tree at home and the company plants 10 trees for you in a developing country. They also send you a code to claim your extra 10 trees in ForestNation, so you can add them to your Forest.

This means an alternative to traditional greeting cards and gifts. Tree pouches are biodegradable and contain everything you need to grow your own trees. It's a complete tree growing kit with tree seeds and instructions on how to plant it. A great gift for a loved one or a friend, no matter ages.Buy on Etsy.

So, have you already chosen the perfect holiday gift for you, plant lovers? And for your loved plants lovers? From gardening sun protection, to growing tree kits and even decorative containers for plants. Plenty of options!

If you have more than a few plant lovers to give presents on Christmas and can't afford many gifts you can also opt for Eco Friendly Pots: Are They a Better Option than Common Pots?

Just go greener warriors, sustainable life with many plants is a happy one!

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