Sustainable Gifts: 20 Eco Friendly Presents to Choose Eyes Closed

Antonella Flores 2021-09-28

Making a gift is a traditional way of saying people how much they care for us. But sometimes it's hard to find the perfect gift or we run into last hour to buy it because we have no much time or idea. So thinking about those moments I brought a hand fan of Sustainable Gifts: 20 Eco Friendly Presents to Choose Eyes Closed.

Everything is useful, creative, original and the best: Eco-friendly. Come on, join me in this quickly trip and find THE present that will surprise to that special person while taking care of the planet, of course.

Our Top Pick - Sustainable Gifts


Handmade - Moose Wood Art Box

You can not find it anywhere. This valuable handmade box is made with sustainable forest resources. The moose figure is created by 9 pieces of different types of wood, minutely chosen for this design. There are no two of the same.

One of it's kind for a one in a million person. A box to treasure whatever you want to long last.

That's the best part of giving sustainable gifts: they are special, different and full of meaning. Buy on Amazon


Endless - Smart Reusable Notebook

Gift something that will be always new. So great you' ll want one for you!

This notebook has a dot grid to write over it with the special Piliot Frixion Pen (it only takes 15 seconds to dry). Scan it and load it into your cloud service using the Rocketbook free application. Erase everything and start over! 32 pages of infinity use.

If someone gifts this to me, I'll write Thank you at the first page and never erase it.

Be original, be endless.

If you want to make a sustainable gift that you will never be forget for... this is exactly what you are looking for. Buy on Amazon


Psychedelic - Hand Blown Blue Swirl Recycled Glass Wine

We are surrounded by things. But which are the meaning of them?

Start buying things with purpose, gift a story. This six recycled-glass goblets pack is perfect for those who love wine and stories since they are a handcrafting from two passionate partners that work together to create a unique and beautiful piece of Mexico in their art.

It includes a Card with Novica's story and National Geographic Certification, who works along with tremendous designers and artisans around the world to hold up diversity and global cultures in harmony with nature. Buy on Amazon


Zero Waste Ítem - Compostable Utensil Set

This is perfect for those who wants a sustainable home without going crazy. When we want that, we have to start part by part.

We can start by switching our kitchen's cutlery with this amazing utensil set, which is:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free
  • Compostable

Yes, compost-able. Plant-based material hits plastic. You or the person you are gifting this, will love it! Buy on Amazon


More Versatile - 3 in 1 Reusable Bag

With this bag isn't necessary to full the coat rack with a lot of bags and purses. This one has all in one.

It fits on adults and children, too from 4 to 5 fts tall. They are really resistant, reinforced on critical areas, waterproof and stylish. The transformer of the bags, it can be: purse, bag and small tote bag without need of buttons, zipper or velcro. Keep it simple, use this notabag, an all terrain bag. Buy on Amazon


For home - Reversible Mat

Original and practical option for a gift. Magical as the Aladdin's. But even better because is 100 % recyclable premium plastic, UV resistant and Waterproof. I'm sorry Aladdin, things have changed and this rug is also really lightweight, suitable for indoor, outdoor and clouds.

The mat has already chosen you, now you choose the person you want to lay down with to see the stars or to fly through the sky. Buy on Amazon


For Daily- Use Gift- Reusable Canvas Lunch Bag

A gift that will be loved. This is another way of saying "I'm with you" without using words, is one of those gifts that makes our day because there are a lot of daily-use things we forget to buy or still can't buy them. So, it is really nice when someone give us a gift that we need, and we use everyday instead of something that we´ll accumulate and has no purpose at all.

Be you the one who gift this to someone that needs it!

If you are looking sustainable gifts, this is a good choice. Buy on Amazon


Pretty Long-lasting Details - Insulated Bottle

This is the same situation than the previous one. Everyone needs this! But sometimes we prefer buying another thing we don't need to much instead of it. In those times I look myself in the mirror and say: Why are you like this?

Do you know someone that is always running from here to there, ok, gift this insulated long lasting bottle for keeping your person hydrated without producing any waste.

  • Shutter resistant construction
  • DuraCoat Color won't fade or crack
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher safe & BPA Free

Send one more to me, please. Buy on Amazon


For the Chefs - Ceramic Coated Frying Pan

Kitchen Utensils are kind of a investment. And the favorite play of those who loves cooking, it is also a good gift for someone who is moving into a new home, or when family is growing, etc. There is always a good reason to have a Nonstick Ceramic Coated Frying Pan. The meals quality depends on the utensil's. So, give this to that person that came up to your mind while reading this...

Pd: Maybe that person invites you at the Frying Pan premiere (Collateral Benefits when gifting this) Buy on Amazon


Sustainable Set - Zero Waste Home Products

Nothing is more perfect than this zero waste items bouquet (hearts blowing) which includes:

  • 4 Beeswax Wraps (bye bye film paper)
  • 3 Premium Produce Bags (sayonara plastic)
  • 6 Stainless Steel Straws (no more plastic straws, please)
  • 4 Reusable Ziploc Bags

This really helps to change the kitchen into a sustainable one. With this kit we reduce a lot of waste by having high quality organic products.

Don't gift flowers, gift something that protect the environment where flowers grow. Buy on Amazon


Body Care - Beauty Set Travel Size

The perfect Cruelty-free box everyone must have for holy-day.

It includes:

Soap Bark + Chamomile Cream + Hand Salve + Milk & Honey Body Lotion + Coconut foot cream + Beeswax Lip Balm.

A Sustainable beauty set for those who want take care of themselves with kind products (no animal tested).

PLUS: Recyclable packaging.

(An advice: don't gift this to a vegan. Although it is cruelty free it is not vegan) Buy on Amazon


Bath Products - Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Stop throwing bottles into the sea, the message is in your hands and is plastic free.

Perfect gift for a sustainable bath. Gifting sustainable products is giving life, hope and a better future. Don't overthink it.

Ocean is giving us back all the bottles we thrown. Now we just must use hearts.

Sustainable gifts for sustainable relationships! Buy on Amazon


Ice Tea Lovers - Ice Tea Maker with Flash Chill Tech

BPA-Free and leakproof lid, the tea lovers are crazy about it. This all in one Ice tea maker will allow the user to brew it and chill it in just a couple of minutes.

Life runs, fast chill.

This Ice Tea maker is a creative gift for that person that drink more ice tea than decisions. Buy on Amazon


Kitchen Details - Beeswax Wrap

The best way to replace film paper. This is IDEAL for the ones who organize their meals with anticipation, those who run all day long and need to carry their food, and for save for a while pieces of food you want to treasure and attack later.

Anyway, this is for everybody. Once you have it there is no way back. Say goodbyes to film paper which is incredible uncomfortable to clean and recycle (and sometimes impossible to do) and say hello to beeswax wraps to treasure the treasure (food). Buy on Amazon


Chill with Friends - Cheese Board Set

This is for who love reunions, love toasts and barbecues. Gift this and then you will have an excuse to a new meeting: the cheese Board Set Premiere.

It includes 4 utensils, wine opener, 3 labels, 2 markers and a carrying bag.

Handy and practical for taking it to camping or the beach. Buy on Amazon


For Rainy Days - Rain Jacket for Men

It's raining, men! Hallelujah!

That was a brief example of the use of comma and also of this Jacket's. All in one. Your welcome.

Now with this jacket you can keep on doing whatever you want under the rain. It has two-way zipper to prevent bunching when sitting down so, this is like another skin.

Gift this and give your special person the ability to stay dry under water. Buy on Amazon


For Travelling - Ceramic Travel Mug

For coffee lovers, this will be as part of themselves as an arm. This ceramic mug is really practical, BPA Free and dishwasher safe. It comes in a nice variety of colors so remember which color is your special person's favorite and that's it.

Ciao to all that single-use cups, let's reduce that waste mountain by using this ceramic mugs.

The perfect gift for your nearest coffeeniac.

If that's you, well... give yourself first what you want others to give you: a coffee mug. Buy on Amazon


For Chilly People - Plush Hoddie

Make a dream come true and gift this Ultra Plush Blanket Hoodie.

It doesn't matter how old is that person you want to honor with a gift, this is like water: everyone needs it!

As the image say: it wraps you in total comfort,is like you are being hugged by a plush being, safe and warm.

Let's face it, this brings out our inner child. Love it so much. Buy on Amazon


For The Mystical Ones - Scented Candle

We all know someone (if we are not them) who are always perfuming home and loves to create ambiance. This India Candle is for that kind.

Gifting something like this is actually gifting an experience, a moment, an atmosphere. I think that scents are a great part of our life, not for nothing many memories are associated with the aroma.

This is the opportunity to let someone to associate you with cardamom and wet soil after sun goes down. Buy on Amazon


Washing Routine - Bamboo Handle Dish Brush

And finally, this will give your sustainable kitchen the final touch.

Made from ceramic + recycled plastic + recycled stainless this Bamboo Handle Dish Wash is really useful to let dishes completely clean without using sponges that can remain until 52,000 years in landfill.

*You can build up a combo gift with this item and the Sustainable Kitchen and Home Step or the Compostable Utensil Set. Buy on Amazon

I don't know if I made this decision easier or even more difficult than it was but don't worry, save this list and pick one item for each birthday on your calendar. Let's spread the sustainable habits, let's help each other to go green.

It's hard to change all our habits and things around all at once. That's why this kind of gifts are a really great option and always creative. Let's do meaningful gifts, sustainable gifts are a beautiful way of showing love to someone by protecting our environment.

If you are interested in knowing how to start the change and getting some advices, please check this out: How to Design a Sustainable Home? 50 Easy Sustainable Home Tips!

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