The Art of Knowing Yourself: Methods and Techniques to Improve your Life

Psychologists state that self-knowledge is the most powerful tool that we can ever have. What does it mean? It includes four different concepts: understanding your feelings and emotions, learning your thinking patterns, knowing how you react to certain contexts, and discovering how to optimize your character. How to know yourself is a never-ending road but I can assure you that riding on it will become the best experience and project of your life. With self-knowledge, you can know your own worth and also your limits. Find in this review the art of knowing yourself: methods and techniques to improve your life. Are you ready?

6 Methods to Start your Self-knowledge Journey

1. Have you heard about Enneagram Test Free?

If you are wondering what is your type of personality then this test will reveal all you need to know yourself. Sometimes is confusing to identify ourselves with a certain type of person: some friends may say you are shy but that depends completely on the context you are in and on the persons you are sharing that moment with. Our self-construction can be different from everyone´s perspective. In this online Enneagram Test Free, you will answer more than twelve questions about a variety of topics. At the end, your type of personality will be disclosed.

There are three different types of enneatypes: the head types, the heart types, and the body types. Each of them has strong characteristics defined. Including their characters, reactions, and thoughts. There are many books to read about enneagram but taking the Enneagram Test Free is a smart beginning :)

2. Learn everything about how to know yourself in the Enneagram Test Free

I started cognitive behavioral therapy last year and it has been an oasis for me since the beginning.

I was able to learn all about myself: how to identify my emotions, how to know my limits, how to lower my anxiety, and how to connect sincerely with others. My psychologist recommended me the enneagram books during the first session. She said that by reading the different types of personalities I will end up identifying my behavior and emotions on those pages. That really helped me throughout the therapy process.

Once you find your enneatype (personality type) in one of the enneagram books you can learn how to take care of it. I will repeat what I mentioned before: knowing your limits can save you many headaches and stomachaches. When you learn how to communicate with others by truly expressing what you want or need your life suffers a massive change.

I strongly recommend you this site:

Enneagram chart, with the 9 types

3. The power of Aura Colors Meaning

Have you heard about your aura? In spiritualism the aura is "electricity that we radiate". It is what surrounds the body of a living creature also known as energy field. We radiate energy all the time and some people say that it can be felt in the air. The other day I met the friends of my boyfriend and one of them (after talking for hours) told me that I had a good energy. He explained to me that the aura of another person is something that you can feel in your skin and in your heart.

There are aura colors in the world of auras: in fact, the aura manifests itself in different colors. How? Knowing yourself means understanding the Aura Colors: they are a true reflection of our mood and our souls. Within the Aura Colors, we can find the indigo aura, the blue aura, or the yellow aura. Let´s learn something about the yellow aura: it is the one that controls your identity and your ego. It is located in the upper belly. You can take a test online to discover your aura color :)

4. Ikigai books: a Japanese concept for self-knowledge

There are two words that can perfectly describe Japanese people: longevity and happiness. They are known for being intelligent and practical people. But how do they achieve it? Through the Ikigai philosophy. Iki means "alive" or "life", whereas Gai means "benefit" or "worth". The two words combined create the concept of purpose. When pursuing the Ikigai philosophy most people start acquiring a deep understanding of themselves that helps them to find joy and bliss everyday.

In the Ikigai books you will be able to go to the bones of the Ikigai philosophy. How? Know yourself is a beneficial path in multiple ways, your perspective of life will change completely. Besides, your own perception will be modified and that is why I think it is worth it. While reading Ikigai books you will discover the five pillars of Ikigai philosophy: passion, profession, vocation and mission. Be ready to change your life!

5. Numerology calculator: how to know yourself through numbers

Numerology is a divinatory art. Every number has a mystical meaning behind that can help you to deeply understand characteristics of your personality or specific events in your life. Everything in our life happens around numbers: our birthday, our annual calendar, the organization of the week, your ID number, your home address and other tons of things.

Numerology is directly related to lucky. By using the numerology calculator you can find your own single digit in life: that number is your destiny number. Each number has a meaning and your destiny number represents your unique capabilities, your personal interest, attitudes and talents. It will teach you everything you need to know about yourself. That destiny number is usually known as the lucky number. Through the numerology calculator you make the total sum of your date of birth and that is what reveals your destiny number.


6. Chakras of the earth: balance your life

The chakras are the energy centers found in your body. Those energy points can be balanced, unbalanced, activated or healed. To achieve self-consciousness and balance you need to have the energy points in peace. How? Know yourself by learning the different types of chakras on earth: there are seven types. You can learn about the root chakra, the sacral chakra, the solar plexus, the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra.

Living energetically balanced lives elevates you in multiple ways. By identifying your chakras you can improve your relationship with yourself. How? Know yourself! Learn about the things you like and you don´t, communicate the things you want clearly and get to learn all about your personality. The chakras on earth is a way of spirituality followed by lots of people over the world. Its origins are found in the Hinduism and in other practices like Kundalini yoga.

Pros of Knowing Yourself

  • Your relationships with other will flow in a different way: by knowing yourself you have a deep understanding of your style of life and you will know how to interact with others. Being in peace with your way of living life can transmit peace to others. Everyone loves talking to people who are not always speaking about themselves: empathy is what matters.
  • Better decision making: having a clear understanding of the things you pursue in life will lead you to make good decisions. From small decisions like which pair of trousers you will buy to big decisions such as deciding which career of studies you will follow. Psychologists explain that big decisions are easily made when someone knows what they want for their lives.
  • Self-control: What motivates you is what will keep you alive. Learning your strength and your weakness is the key to self control. Those things will activate your inner self. Learning all the different types of emotions helped me to identify them. Self control involves many things: monitoring and strength.
  • Vitality: Behaving yourself without any restriction makes life experiences richer and more exciting. How? Self knowledge helps you to trully love yourself: the good and the bad things combined. Vitality means mental and physical health. The ones that practice yoga and exercise during their whole life tend to live longer. Physical health is as important as mental health.
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  • Happiness: You will be happier if you feel comfortable with your personality. Expressing and manifesting your goals will get you closer and closer to them. Happiness, for me, is an attitude in life. Happiness is found in the good moments I share with my family and friends. Also, happiness is living good experiences.
  • Say goodbye to social preassure: It´s important to be able to make decision based on your own feelings and preferences. Feeling pressured by our environment is something that everyone undergoes in life. Self knowledge is what leds you to identify yourself in a world where most people pursue what society wants.

Knowing yourself will open many doors in your life. Your inner circle will improve as well as your relationship with others and your self-awareness. After reading this review you will have learnt some different techniques and methods to start the know journey. Leave in comments which method is your favorite!

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