El embarazo y el nacimiento son momentos especiales en la vida de toda familia, e incluso quienes nunca han pasado por uno lo encuentran emocionante. Se trata, nada más y nada menos, que de la acción de traer una nueva vida al mundo.

Esos momentos son tan mágicos, que hasta se creería que es imposible retratarlos con precisión. Pero nada escapa al ojo de un buen fotógrafo, y estas imágenes lo demuestran.

Estos profesionales han sabido disparar en el momento justo, y las imágenes que han obtenido como resultado te harán emocionar hasta las lágrimas.

Bajo el mar

Estar embarazada puede sentirse como flotar en el medio del mar como una verdadera sirena.

O en la bañera

Aunque también puede ser duro, especialmente cuando se acerca el trabajo de parto. Fuerza y entrega, son dos cosas que van de la mano.

Ellos también

Muchos hombres transgénero conservan su útero para poder dar vida en algún momento. La maternidad ya no está restringida a un solo género.

One year ago, Biff suggested that I take the car to work so I wouldn’t have to take public transit. Usually I took the commuter train, known as the MAX, to and from work. I was 8 months pregnant and didn’t want to feel weak or fragile but I said yes. ☁️ I drove away from the office at my usual time, the same time I would have caught the MAX. I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I had the car so I went to Trader Joe’s to grab dinner. As I pulled into the parking lot, sirens suddenly swarmed around me. Police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks sped by at full speed, headed across the street to the transit center. My first thought was, “Whatever is happening there... That’s my train.” ☁️ Within minutes, the news was everywhere. A white supremacist, already known to Portland authorities, harassed two young women of color. Three bystanders intervened and the attacker pulled out a knife and stabbed them. ☁️ I didn’t leave the house after that. This photo was taken a week later, when I finally agreed to go on a previously-planned family weekend trip to the beach. I spent much of the time inside, contemplating my situation. I was a very pregnant man in a very scary world. I called my mom and begged her to let me come to Canada for the remainder of my pregnancy; it wasn’t rational... I just wanted my mom and felt like somehow she could keep me safe. She eventually said no, worried that I would go into labor away from my medical team and Biff and the kids. “It’s just too dangerous,” she said. She was right. ☁️ What you see on my face in this photo isn’t peaceful bliss or dreamy contemplation of our upcoming life with a newborn. It’s fear. Maybe even terror. When you’re pregnant, every bone in your body is receiving a message to keep the baby safe. Everything feels like a threat. Oh, and I was receiving actual threats as well... which didn’t help. ☁️ I am proud to be a survivor. Proud to be a dad. Proud to be trans. Now... more than ever before. Bravery doesn’t mean lack of fear. Bravery means being afraid and forging ahead anyway. ☁️ 🌧 ☀️ 🌈 #resilience #transpride #lgbtq #pride #gaypride #twodads #seahorsedad #proudtobetrans

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La panza de una embarazada puede seguir creciendo

Cuando una mujer siente que su vientre ya no puede estar más grande, debería recordar a esta mamá de trillizos.

El rol de las parteras

Cada vez son más las mujeres que eligen dar a luz en ambientes diferentes que en una sala de hospital, solas con los médicos y, apenas, un acompañante. Entonces aparecen ellas: las parteras. Con toda una nueva manera de ver y entender la increíble tarea de dar a luz.

I just wanna take a second to honour midwives. I have the pleasure of working with some of the most adoring, sensitive, loving, soft, dynamic, trusting, intuitive, bad-ass midwives. They trust birth. They trust women. They trust baby. They trust their intuition. Thank you @mama_melbourne for letting me share in such a transformative space with you daily. You trust me in the birth space to dance quietly around you, documenting everything I see, without question. I became very emotional during this gorgeous birth. Watching my own midwife, support this incredible woman, as she birthed her baby. She whispered sweet nothings in her ear. Held her. Encouraged her. Loved her. . Thank you to every single midwife out there. Your endless days do not go unnoticed. They run together, often leaving one birth to get home and then go to another. Barely having time to eat in between. . I am stoked to announce that my e-course is accredited with the @midwives_acm for 24 CPD points. We are all in this together. For the birthing person. So to share that common interest, ACM and I have teamed together to bring you the best knowledge we possibly can on navigating birth spaces, working with birth professionals, and respecting the woman’s space within our scope of birth photographer. . Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You can register for the webinar via the link in bio 🍃 . #birth #melbourne #laceybarratt #melbournebirthphotography #birthbecomesher #birthday

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Final feliz

Pero el amor y la felicidad de dar a luz no se pueden comparar con nada en este mundo.